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for Gender Blender

8/1/2020 c2 11OcelotGamer
Is this story discontinued? I’d love to see more!
7/21/2019 c2 Gokuu the Carrot
*sweat drops*...
Hehe, yes I'm smiling, this made me happy. Your response made me giddy. I like chapter 2, and even if it'll take a while, I can't wait for 3.
7/21/2019 c2 Zenn
Omg, I actually had a similar idea once, but it was based in Sonic Boom and it was Eggman's fault, not Tails.

Excited to see what you do with this story~!
7/22/2019 c2 OcelotGamer
I honestly really like this story and I’m also curious to see what the female Choatix are like. If you add them.
7/19/2019 c1 Gokuu the Carrot
... no chapter 2 yet? Ah man...
5/17/2019 c1 BadassPunkGirl
this isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I love it already and hope you update it
4/8/2019 c1 Jeni125
Sigue! Se ve interesante!
4/8/2019 c1 MrMasterplan
Please continue this! I'd like to see what happens next!
2/21/2019 c1 26Leodragon678
Great start to this story! I'm excited to see what's next!
2/19/2019 c1 Vinny Hotsauce
i thought it was really good and you should be prou d pf youresewld. howverr you mad some spelling mistake. i wholly reccomend you use grammarly in the creation of your next creation.
thanks you for doing this.

5/5 stars
2/19/2019 c1 Gokuu the Carrot
2/19/2019 c1 1ObsessedwithFanficsthegirl
YAY! I can’t wait for more!
2/19/2019 c1 Ayumi Shok0
Don't really like fanfic with Amy as a main character, but this one is interesting. Good Work!
2/19/2019 c1 Dracofire Productions
Really great start I looking forward to reading more of this story.

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