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11/7/2022 c4 Marvelous Pathetic
Nice, I always thought shinobi battle should be like this; quick and sudden death, not like DBZ. When jinchuriki were deployed, the world should fear it’s wrath. It should be like battle of Kursk, when two sides pour everything they got to kill/cripple enemy’s jinchuriki.
11/7/2022 c2 Marvelous Pathetic
Nice, I like the writing style; Shinobis coming in to report casualties and progress, it adds seriousness to the situation combined with Hiruzen grim thought.
9/25/2022 c4 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
So do you actually plan to finish this, or are you planning on giving us a couple thousand words a decade? What's the point?
7/31/2022 c4 Hugo0974
Interesting story.
7/8/2022 c4 Entity
Why did you take down Perfection, the naruto fanfic you made ? I loved it so much
6/29/2022 c4 KHARAKI TAKAN
Well shit damn, poor Han.

Neat chapter.
6/28/2022 c3 1Artekha
Wait no. Sorry. got the authors confused. still, This is interesting.
6/28/2022 c4 Artekha
Brutal. Read revolution first, for a second story the beginning isn't too bad, and I like it even if you say you don't. This one looks interesting too.
6/28/2022 c4 PasiveNox
Ooooof :(
6/28/2022 c4 Gordon's Ramsay
It's been a minute but that was a damn good chapter.
6/28/2022 c4 2Dragonkeeper10
Well shit, Han just died. Poor Han. May the Shinobi who crafted this insanity burn for their sins, of turning and sacrificing others to be weapons.
6/28/2022 c4 fanreader18
What the hell. Good lord. I'm interested! See ya next chapter!
6/28/2022 c4 I. P. Frealy
these are basically just snippets, you need to put more work into making them a story
1/16/2022 c3 selberxbp12
12/11/2021 c3 serpentacodex
very nice chapter. had to go and re read the story but it was worth it
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