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for The Greek Saiyan God

2/15 c1 Wickerstein
Where is the vore?
1/28 c3 Guest
More chapters
1/24 c3 2Daniel-G20019
will you update this fanfic? i'm excited to read a next chapter
12/15/2023 c3 bakibowman542
12/7/2023 c1 Guest
Make more this is good
11/8/2023 c3 37robert32514
Let's see how this goes.
9/24/2023 c3 Darkshot99
Honestly pretty good and interesting, can't wait to see where it goes from here, have a good day.
9/20/2023 c3 wms1911
Just started reading the story and i absolutely love it
9/20/2023 c1 Youknowkakarot
Goku and the word genius is a SCARY COMBO BRO LIKE SUPER SCARY
9/14/2023 c3 KalDemos
Not going to lie, the idea of Goku giggling to himself that he's a genius is hilarious.
9/13/2023 c3 blazes207
I thought Gaia was possible as well, now I'm I feel sad to see her out. maybe goku can fix her as well.
9/13/2023 c2 devingetpaid
Hestia would be an amazing pairing for goku
9/13/2023 c3 ojahleon
Great chapter
9/13/2023 c3 Majin Prune
I hope this doesn't fall under hiatus. the setup is interesting already
9/12/2023 c3 Guest
Is there a new chapter or are the chapters being rewritten ?
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