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for The Greek Saiyan God

11/18 c3 Om2374
Goku to Zeus: Your sex addiction looks strong let me fight it.
11/1 c3 wesley melvin
can goku have wives like raynare and rias and gaia and artemis sakura ad korra
9/19 c3 Guest
Chi chi is a bitch of a person. I’d say Goku get with Gia.
8/27 c3 Guest
gaia is the biggest bitch ever. also when are you gonna continue this story as its really interesting
8/19 c3 Diowkd
Amazing, pls write a 4 chapter
8/12 c1 Guest
When are you going to update?
7/19 c3 2NinjaMasd
This is an awesome story! If you ever come back to this, I know that it will be even better!
6/28 c3 Youknowkakarot
I hope this continues it’s too good bro
6/13 c1 Guest
Big X
5/31 c2 Savageverse
It's kakarot not kakarotto
5/2 c3 Guest
It feel very similar to one of my favourite Fanfic Father love love it good job.
4/15 c2 Ben iron 10
very good to continue
4/10 c3 Drake016Pha
Well I waiting for the next chapters.!
4/5 c3 dylbro.goodie
love it man
please do more, I need this in my life
4/4 c3 Tilong
Damn I actually kinda liked the Gaia X Goku ship they fit each other so well ...
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