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for The Greek Saiyan God

9/12/2023 c3 Guest
Is there a new chapter or are the chapters being rewritten ?
9/10/2023 c4 Guest
Is this person going for one chapter per year or what cause its a shame this is a good story and would love to see more of it
9/6/2023 c4 GipsyAssassin
I hope you update more of this soon, I've gotten really interested with the first few chapters
7/31/2023 c1 nlwarlord09
great story keep up the good work
7/27/2023 c4 Guest
Take your time with the next update
7/1/2023 c1 christophernetto449
Update ch 5 and 6
6/25/2023 c4 Guest
great story cant wait for the next part
6/17/2023 c4 Guest
Take your time with the next update.
Its quite a enjoyable story to read.
5/27/2023 c4 lawgane47355
Great story so far keep it up
5/22/2023 c4 Guest
This story is amazing so far
5/19/2023 c2 1VincentFS
Jesus your prophecy fucking sucks balls.
5/17/2023 c1 Apollodorus13
Story is looking great so far. Not a fan of Gaias actions but this wouldn’t be too much of a PJO fanfiction without some Greek god cursing an innocent.

Looking forward to the rest
5/16/2023 c4 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
True love. Also wtf are you doing Goku? Don't be out in the open, you'll get raped.

Hopefully Athena just has a natural resistance somehow by falling in love with you too (and create a child via making it exist on her forehead) or that's a Virgin goddess raping you and wanting more because it was her first time and would only want more.

Ares would probably try to take her, but then again, with Goku's sentimentality, he'll save her.

With Aphrodite, which she will rape him the instant that she saw him once no one is in the way, it's going to cause some big problems with Ares.

Hopefully Hera holds herself back and not let her lust be enhanced further by Aphrodite.

If that happens, Goku would need to beat Zeus, and the open seat is ready for him to take. Then Gaia would take her place with him.
5/16/2023 c4 richardsk554
Epic chapter keep it up!
5/16/2023 c1 Youknowkakarot
Man I enjoyed this chapter goku stacking his transformations and pulling goddess like come on man my boy goku was like this too easy
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