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for The Greek Saiyan God

5/16/2023 c4 Rayjleon
A gang you so late updating this, i saw this on YouTube a year or two back, ain’t no way you still on the fourth chapter
5/16/2023 c4 2I am vegito
great chapter bro...
5/16/2023 c4 I am vegito
great chapter bro..
5/16/2023 c4 Osiris Sundavr
Oh are you going to have Gaia start to really take a hard look at her interaction with her new love? Will she realize how inconsiderate she was to his feelings and situation? He didn’t fully reject her, he was interested in her after all. He was just asking her for some time so he could come to grips with being unable to see his wife and loved ones again before starting a new relationship with her. I hope she can get over her jealousy soon and come to terms with the fact she has practically formed a foundation for him to get a harem do to her impatience. She will just have to share Goku.
5/16/2023 c1 Mirrond
Where is the vore?
5/16/2023 c4 Wickerstein
Your story suffers that most 2000 era fics suffer: great prose but anticlimactic payoff.
5/16/2023 c4 berttorres17
Thank you for the chapter
4/21/2023 c3 gabedane
I don't know how gaia has access to the ability to do that to a person let alone someone as powerful as Goku, hell if he loses control of himself he could accidentally blow up the planet.
4/18/2023 c3 Guest
Where is chapter 4?
4/15/2023 c3 Guest
4/14/2023 c3 Guest
Goku will break that curse Gaia put on him by his own power!
4/8/2023 c1 kamikazedrew
I'm glad I read the reviews so I know the last real chapter was from a year ago so I don't follow this dead fic. This isn't the first author to only post fake April's fools chapters on an abanded story for attention.
4/7/2023 c3 Djberneman
I think this is the first time in any dragon ball story that Goku has called himself a genius.
4/6/2023 c3 Guest
I dont see chapter 4 where is it
4/6/2023 c3 Guest
Really liked this chapter, looking forward to the next update!
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