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8/2 c23 CookiezXD
Note: I dunno where your curly hair came from, sorry
Me: The heck I have curly hair and my parents dont
just pop up in mah face being like “ay I dunno where your curly hair come
from sorry”
If that was my parents i’d Feel awkward ;)
10/18/2019 c24 Christine
Dude where are you?!
9/16/2019 c19 3TheSwedishMinifigure
HOI! Sorry it took so long before answering but I gotta tell you, IVE READ THIS LIKE 100 TIMES AND IM NEVER GETTING TIRED OF IT! I can’t wait for the last chapter even though I really don’t want it to end but I’ll make sure to draw some stuff for this!
7/25/2019 c24 7Dyphen
you have got to stop making me cryyyyyyyyyyyyI didnt get all the references to movies, but they were all really well put in lol

and the tHE ENDING! Gah, the ending.

7/25/2019 c24 LordChico
that was a burst of notifications from you. Anyway, this was a great addition to the rapidly ending story! absolutely loved it and it made me so happy to see a fanfic from you again! Can’t wait to see what the ending has in store for the readers!
7/15/2019 c23 5florabellajansen
wow, this was really touching! Despite my personal feelings about war, I really loved this whole story and I love how well you wrote emmet and Lucy’s feelings idk how to explain it properly but I really felt for both of them here and the end and their reunion scene was super adorable also sooo kudos for this one!
7/14/2019 c23 TiGGs96
Aw sh*t!

My heart!

This is great! Emma is adorable, I liked Unikitty’s part here, the snippets with Watevra and Sweet... the letter... Metalbeard..

Frick this chapter was good.
7/14/2019 c23 7Dyphen

No kidding i sat crying through that reunion aaaaaa

I fricking love AUs like this, you wrote it so well! oh, and of course Benny and Emmet are brothers, they're probably long lost twins somewhere along the way lol

I dont want these oneshots to eheheheheeenennenendnndnd

cant wait for the next one! :D
7/13/2019 c23 LordChico
SKSKSKSKSK, the story is near the end! AAAA! I’m so nervous but excited at the same time! and METALBEARD DIED! I fricking flipped out! bUt LiKe, how big is Unikitty is she can hold a two year old on her back! AND EMMET IS SO SWEET! I JUST CAN’T!
7/11/2019 c22 Exhale
If you have Writer's block.
1. Lucy finding out she might be pregnant
2. Sweet, Unikitty, and Emmett love all Chucky movies but Lucy hasn't seen any of them.
3. Lucy or Emmet telling each other to sing
4. Queen Watevra creating a new holiday
6. Unikitty's random movie day
PS: I love the story.
7/4/2019 c22 Guest
Next next please
7/1/2019 c22 Dyphen
gahhh! So good! Can't really say much else apart from reused comments on your writing, but well done! :D
6/30/2019 c22 LordChico
:OO! Apocylspburg chapters are always the best!
6/16/2019 c21 Christine
As always another amazingly written oneshot!
I’m gonna be sad when they will come to an end ;-;
6/16/2019 c21 Dyphen
awwwwwwwwwwWWWWWW! Man, now I want a Lego set with Lucy's hair down... hmmm...
So adorable though! There is no shame in writing pointless fluff, lol
Oh, and don't feel pressured to write tons of chapters! we can wait till you're ready to read them :)
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