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9/24 c1 ItsYorkWho
So good
9/4 c1 miguelgaray689
That is My favorite fic
9/3 c1 Alphros
Thank you for the story.
8/29 c1 cruzscifers1
just Started reading a fanfic that said to check out this one gotta say it's pretty good and I enjoyed reading it
8/23 c1 A. J Savage
This was really magnificent, really hope to see a side chapter of Jaune interacting with the others as a second year but this is great overall !
8/13 c1 cring cring
this doesn't need a sequel, this was actually mind explodingly amazing
8/13 c1 cring cring
wow that was amazing
5/30 c1 3VeryPeeved
You know, I can definitely see potential for someone expanding this into one-shot a long-form story. Delve a bit deeper into the way Jaune handles things, look into the surrounding events, like the media circus that no doubt ensued, and get some more alternate perspectives to delve deeper into just how this has affected the other would-be students.

I've got some ideas myself, actually. One of them was that Weiss would wind up getting cut off by her father for similar reasons as in canon, and so she winds up staying with Ruby's family at their home in Patch, and that could lead to some interesting stuff with Weiss and Taiyang, her being unused to such pure concentrated dadliness. Blake could be there too. And that's not even me trying to shove team RWBY together, Blake and Weiss are just kinda similar in that they don't really have anywhere to go, besides relatives they're avoiding.

And we could get more in depth about the clever strategies that Jaune devises, using dust and whatever else he can get his hands on to eek out every little advantage. And to counterbalance, go into a bunch of his less clever strategies that seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe have Glynda act more as a mentor to him, being able to have much more one-on-one personal training due to having no other students in his year to teach, to further justify his meteoric rise (not that his progress in canon wasn't impressive, given that he started from basically zero).

Oh, and Pyrrha could play into the whole media circus aspect, as her fans would be a huge portion of the public outcry against Beacon, leading to her, perhaps aided by occasional scroll conversations with Jaune, ultimately finding the courage to speak out against it and shame her fans for their behavior. To take the first step into no longer allowing her fame to be cast a shadow over her whole life.

Or something like that. Maybe I'll try my hand at it myself, if I have the time. I'm not the greatest writer in the world, but clearly neither are you, Mr. "Chest Pieces".
5/27 c1 Maxwell Rochette
This is a wonderful story with a butterfly effect, with Jane slowly becoming a one man army even at the Vytal Tournament. Best of all, both Pyrrha and Penny (former mattering to me more) are alive in the end.
4/24 c1 13thDiscipleOfIna
as awesome as ever this fic is, never gets old, always a good one to read
3/5 c1 Jojo
One of the best fanfictions I’ve read
1/21 c1 Carolina36
This story was amazing. I've had it saved for years, but keep passing over it. I know it's going to be re read for a long time now. I could not stop laughing. I love stories where if the "side" character lost their crutch, they would grow into better people. just wonderful. so silly without losing the plot. this is a fantastic read
12/12/2022 c1 SHWAT
chest pieces?
12/6/2022 c1 Guest
Great story. If this had a sequel it would be great but if not then this is a 10/10 one shot.
10/17/2022 c1 2jakegag99
Loved it. It was just the right amount of crack and seriousness, excellent work.
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