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5/2/2021 c1 Chanakarn Fon
I’ve been searching for Byakuya X OC and I found this! This story is interesting and I just want to say that you made me fell in love at the first chapter, it’s like a love at first sight! (is that sound cheesy?) I like you OC. I kind of sad that your last updated was 2019. There are not many interesting Byakuya X OC fics, so I hope you continue this story (please)
2/13/2021 c2 Anon
just noticed I wrote father instead of grandfather. Nevermind that and we stick to grandfather
2/13/2021 c2 Anon
I can't help but feel you put a lot of important information in this chapter that we won't notice until later on. Chiharu seems to be an interesting character and my heart goes out to her lol
My prediction is that her storyline will be small but still connected to one of the main storylines which I guess have to do with some noble people doing some illegal stuff (like you wrote in the chapter: prostitution, drugs, etc...), also, I'm curious about her beau (did I guess right? I assume she has someone based on the scene with the merchant). that's some intense things you're making me feel with this story and we've barely even scratched the surface.
I loooved the interaction between the noble ladies, it felt real even though this is a fanfic based on a manga/anime you actually transported me to their reality.
Also, I kinda love Mio's relationship with her father but not because it's cute, but because it can be the source of so much drama to this story with her marrying Byakuya and we know that Hisana will appear later on, and then her grandfather loves her so much and obviously favors her.
I also love that you are taking your time to develop an actual relationship between Mio and Byakuya just to shatter it later.
PS: Is the man Mio really wants to marry Kaien? If it really is him, damn, he's always been quite the heartbreaker.
Loved this chapter, onto the next one, and writing a long review about my (quite intense) feelings while reading it pretty soon. See ya!
2/8/2021 c1 Anon
Nice to see a byakuya/hisana fanfic with a fiancé/suitor that has more importance to the story. I can already feel this is not just byakuya's story but mio's as well.
By reading the summary they are actually going through with the wedding so i guess that's more drama for us readers? *rubs hands excitedly*
4/29/2020 c4 ranaahaana
When will you update next. I really likes your story.
7/31/2019 c4 amberconfectionary
Love the way you write the characters and their interactions. I look forward to the trio (Mio, Byakuya, and Hisana) meeting. Mio's wittiness is so fun to read and I love her tea pun and ability to keep the conversation going with Byakuya, despite it being like talking to a wall. I'm not a fan of love drama but I'm really curious to see how everything goes down for this story and the divergences. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing this fic.
6/2/2019 c4 a
i knew it! when i saw the summary! that there would be pain! at first i was like but what if its a poly? bc of the ship tag but also... the summary :/

anyway i told myself i wouldnt cry but then mio and shiba happened and the fan happened and i was crying ; m ;

i can already see the marriage isnt going to be /that/ good and like mio has her flaws but iin the defence of her, i think she truly suppressed anything that might make her a real realised person once she realised her role like you said. i would like to even go further and argue that the limiter she wears on her upper arm does nothing but force her not to grow? so she can never become a shinigami (as long as she wears it?) (nor can she ever become free, and i know kisuke said smth about replacing a cage for a bigger one, but a bigger cage is still more freedom that she currently has :/ :/)

and re: mio's sister, i know you keep dropping hints about whats wrong/what happened with her but i cant figure it out really? i thought she fell in love with someone and the grandfather didnt agree, but i also thought that the person she fell in love with (and possibly slept with? given how the grandfather was quick to arrange engagement for her) died? bc of how the merchant from from the previous chapters seemed to be blackmailing her? idk idk

but then comes in hisana and the hint u drop regarding what she had to do to survive, and the situation the chapter ends up with just... feels like a red herring. :/

im sorry of how rambling this review is, i just put all my thought so far in one sitting lmao
4/24/2019 c4 Meno Melissa
It's not going to be all tragedy, right? There will be happier moments right? Cuz I'm already crying.
Also, will you be covering any canon arcs? I'm just super hype!
4/23/2019 c4 5Tgfmcom
I saw the notification I jumped. A new chapter at least! I was so exited! Anyways, let’s begin with Kaien, the heartbreaker. Disappointed but not surprised.
Some real shady business this Hatsuyo lady is involved in. I wonder if that’s how Hisana’s gonna meet Byakuya...
Also, I just read the new summary and I can already feel I’m gonna hate Byakuya a little bit. Damn, you really made me like Mio that much. But still, Byasana is always in my heart and talking about it: Hisana, girl, where have you been? Being screwed over by that nasty Lady Hatsuyo, no doubt.
I loved the carriage scene. I wonder what’s next for Hisana.
Also, since you mentioned Mio and Hisana are quite different, I wonder if that would be a reason for Byakuya to feel attracted to Hisana...
Life Is Like A Boat has also been suffering with my replays this past week. I just love the lyrics and the melody it’s just so... agh, can’t explain. It totally fits Rukia at the beginning of Bleach. I love that song so much.
Thank you for another wonderful chapter, I’ll be a faithful reader and wait patiently (lies, lies) for the next one. Can’t wait for the inevitable train wreck that’s coming. This fic reminded me of a sentence from The Tudors: “You can’t have three people in a marriage.” I think it suits this case very well *laughs*. Also, that divorce letter will surely be very useful, Mio, your grandfather did the right thing. If only you could see the stuff your husband’s gonna do in the future...
See ya next chapter!
4/22/2019 c3 Meno Melissa
That was quite a long prologue, but I really like it! Can't wait for next chapter!
4/22/2019 c2 Meno Melissa
I really like Mio! It seems the outspoken main character is always more popular, but I'm glad you are writing a quiet one! Who's the mysterious blue eyed may I ask?
4/22/2019 c1 Meno Melissa
Only when I read thw first chapter that I understand the summary! Well, I'm strapping im for the ride!
3/28/2019 c3 Tgfmcom
Why is there not many reviews?! This fics is great! Oh my god I don’t have the words to express it but I’ll try.
Your writing is fantastic, the idea was great and oroginal, I’m so exited to read a fresh take on one of my favorite Bleach couples, plus I can’t wait to see your Hisana and how she’s like. I really hope she actually has some personality unlike so many fics I’ve read (not that I want you to change the way you wrote her ‘cause it’s your fic).
I’m also a little bit worried that I’m liking Mio wayyyy more than I should so I don’t know how I’ll feel when Hisana shows up.
Anyways, keep up with the good work and I’ll be waiting for the next chapter.
3/21/2019 c2 4lizyeh2000
Love your story now following! . Please update soon!
3/2/2019 c1 1Ergelina
I'm definitely interested in this story, it's kind of a fresh take and I'm intrigued to see how you'd go on with Mio X Byakuya X Hisana story, at the very least I presume that's how it's going to be.

Keep it up!

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