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5/3 c47 2Yamimaru
How the hell haven't Minato and Yu gone totally nuts by now?

…Yeah, the other Angels certainly weren't playing around. And how exactly does Gendo expect Takuto to " Angel-proof" a CPC?

And I'm certain absolutely nothing of note will happen tomorrow, other than Kaworu being his usual ambiguously gay self.
4/27 c32 5DarkNutDestroyer
Dear Author,

I usually don't review on stories until I reach the final chapter, but I believe it's important that I tell you on the journey that is reading your work that I greatly appreciate the care you put in the worlds you create and your characters. They have a remarkable depth that have given rise to many emotions and feelings in me. They mean much to me and I can't thank you enough for writing your stories and putting so much love into them. I am overjoyed to see that you have recently released the most recent chapter of the story, I have every intention of following it 'til the end.

A Fan

P.S. I have read through the entirety of Destiny: Gospel of a New Genesis and I am also currently reading through it again. It's so good!
4/26 c46 Mangareader13
I wonder if Rei's bajillion copies still applies in this fic?

Mana and her sisters comparing things to Ikari Shinji still feels odd to me, I know why and I completely understand, but it still feels odd.
It appears Minato's countless reincarnations still contain the endgame OPness of the original, though considering what standards P3 does itself, this would probably be level 20 barely.

In which everything goes to hell in all the important ways that matter in a theoretical Japanese society (collateral damage is easily solvable, dealing with distrust for the current way of things... not so much)

Blue hair goes zoom.
4/26 c46 2Yamimaru
I see Ramiel is as no nonsense as ever. And Asuka took down the wimpiest Angel ever on her own!
4/8 c45 Mangareader13
A social link in the morning, another in the afternoon and a third one during the evening. I feel like calling hacks.

Someone get the angry German to translate.

Imagine Rampage Drive, but it is at least 26 levels higher and you are on hard mode. That's probably what fighting Ryuji felt like.

"...how about we settle for awkward silence?" The things you read sometimes.

There is only one anime in all of anime that has a specific kind of penguin, and you happen to be in it Misato.
The penguin is sneeky.

Only the Ikaris could meaningfully bond over their hatred of the other.

If this goes anywhere like EoE... how likely would it be that instead of Asuka it happens to Solika?
3/21 c44 Mangareader13
In between school and dorm shenanigans, we have philosophy.

"An Ikari, an Aida, a Suzuhara, and a Nagisa were doing homework during the evening. There was no punchline." And that is the joke.
3/21 c44 Yamimaru
Honestly Gendo is one person Shinji would be better off cutting ties with long term. But since he's forced to work with him, resolution is probably the best option, not reconnecting.
3/20 c44 Dragonlord001
Of course Pen-Pen/Mister P is an Emperor, emperor penguin.
3/18 c43 Yamimaru
Yeah, Shinji still being worn out from all the traveling and fighting is rather realistic.

You do a great job of characterizing Fuyutsuki, even when removed from his canon situation.

And the fact that Gendo doesn't want those photos is rather disturbing. Does he view the current timeline and all those living in it as false, or is there some other reason he views the doc's version of Yui Ikari as not really being Yui Ikari?
3/18 c43 1TheNotSoFantastique
This was kinda sad, Shinji really should just give up on Pedobeard, he's not worth the time nor the compassion.
3/15 c42 2Yamimaru
Yes, so much talking.

Wait, so Rei isn't necessarily a genetically modified clone of Shinji's mom? And now I want to hear some off the more off the wall theories as to her origins.

And yeah that was rather painful for Ren, but I wouldn't want to be in the area when Minato finds out what happened to Aigis in the current timeline.

And even with that origin story for Pen-Pen, Misato didn't even vaguely suspect him of being Mr. P. Wait, does that mean Koromaru, Teddy, and possibly the yet to be seen Morgana are also from that lab?!
3/15 c30 Solphage
Forgetting Aeon, and almost guaranteed hunger :3
3/15 c3 Solphage
Kaworu being who he is
Looks like Aeon's back on the menu! Or maybe he's anathema enough to be Hunger
2/27 c41 Mangareader13
In which the powers that be start directly nudging Shinji.

It appears Ryuji's chadness came at the expense of his love life. Also brodom.

If I'm not mistaken this is the first time we've seen third tier spells in action.

Someone get Shinji a therapist.
2/26 c41 1TheNotSoFantastique
Glad he focused far more on saving Mana rather than killing or trying to kill the reaper.
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