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11/16 c28 Fantasian
I hope there will be some shipping later on.
11/15 c28 2Yamimaru
…Tokita needs to die. Slowly and painfully. And holy shit, Rei is aware of at least one previous time line?
11/11 c27 Fantasian
My only "critique" is that I'd like you to update more often, but not at the expense of the current quality.
Don't overwork yourself, stay safe, and have a good day!
10/25 c26 3Tri-Edge
Wow, this has been quite the ride so far and all original content at that!

10/24 c1 Tri-Edge
Whoa, this seems like a pretty unique idea. Lookin' forward to reading the rest.
10/13 c26 Zoro50
This is so much fun! I've never played the Persona series but this has given me some interesting insight into the game and Eva is always a fun series to mash-up. Thanks for what you do!
10/13 c26 2Yamimaru
Well, Touji's Shadow is rather surly.

And an operation to rescue Mission is going to be a rather different counterpart to the Jet Alone episode…
9/27 c25 Yamimaru
So Kaworu is feeling anxious/impatient, not necessarily a good thing.

Yes Shinji, learn some time management skills, as a Persona protagonist, they're a must.

Was that Labrys?!
9/22 c24 Yamimaru
Huh, and now I'm wondering where Sae is. And while Eiko's death is sad, I can't feel the same for Kamoshida given what an a-hole he is in P5.

And what the heck was up with the Reaper's behavior…Dear gods don't let that have been YHWH bossing it around.

And is it just me or is Gendo extra punchable in this pic? I mean in Evangelion canon he always has a case of Backpfeifengesicht, but it seems to almost be stronger here…
9/14 c23 1ADeadDiehard
This chapter was an absolute treat. Looking forward to seeing how these elements are carried forward.
9/14 c14 Krion64
Those things Asuka are chasing must be related to her or her shadow in some way right, I mean, they are basically a robot and a tsundere the color of her hair and shows that even her subconscious is huge.
9/13 c22 JCarrasco
Keep it up I love this story please.
9/9 c3 6Rankin de Merthyr
This is really good. Instead of the world dropping Shinji, a normal if having a severe case of self esteem issues, into battles that should have been fought by fully functional adults.

I'm eager to see how his character will grow with PERSONA!
9/9 c2 Rankin de Merthyr
I find it deliciously ironic that the blonde is the Moon arcana while Misato, dark purple haired like midnight, is the sun arcana.

Good job.
9/9 c1 Rankin de Merthyr
Well, this is different. Exciting even.
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