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8/16 c33 RuneFather
8/15 c33 erasenpai946
Juvia in the harem? (it must be with the idiot Gray anyway) iaso makes me scared (I hope it's not Ur or Ultear to be with Gray, but I can't like that) my suggestion is Meredy or Laki to be Gray's date
8/14 c8 12Toramonger
Hummm magic food sounds like squash to me lol very little flavor but good texture...I wonder if that means it would be good fried lol to me the seasoning is were the flavor comes from hehe
8/14 c33 Drakolf
Oh, the resort is going to be FUN. Can’t wait for things to go utterly pear-shaped the moment they set off a family of dragons.
8/14 c33 86KristinalUzumakiPrime23
wow this suddenly got really intense, great chapter as always.
8/13 c33 Zephyr0f8
I can't wait for the grand magic games arc. It's going to definitely be a while, as we are only now getting to the tower of heaven. But I just can't wait to see Minerva all cocky and shield, but lo and behold she tries to fight Lucy and she just eats the magic. Her reaction is going to be epic. XD
8/13 c33 Bromega2477
Next stop: fun and fighting!
8/13 c33 143Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Fairy Tail just got itself a new member in the form of Juvia as she has started to fall for Natsu more as things are starting to look very bright for the water girl who usually brings in the rain.
8/13 c33 1Jaune75
8/13 c33 RobsterLobsterG
I vote for Juvia to be an Ice dragon slayer, It fits closely enough without being redundant
8/12 c33 29Warmachine375
Jellal needs to hire Diabolos guild because even with his full strength (after reuniting with Siegrain whom he gave half of it that made him a Wizard Saint during undercover as a member of the Magic Council until it is time to trick them to fire Etherion), it won't be enough to deal with Magma Dragon Natsu and his growing harem of Dragon Slayer girls. And since Jellal was keeping an eye on Erza whom he will use her as a sacrifice to the R-System through Siegrain or even Ultear, he would know that she became a Dragon Slayer after taking a Dragon Soul Ritual with Natsu.

Therefore, bringing the Guild of Dragon Eaters in would even things out in the Tower of Heaven arc and give things an interesting challenge between those who devour Dragons for power and the ones who received the power of Dragons by a special ritual.

There is no way Diabolos would refuse to be hired by Jellal when he tells them that the enemies they will be facing are Dragon Slayers of Fairy Tail, and their modus operandi is to kill and consume Dragons or other Dragon Slayers not part of Diabolos to get stronger. It would probably even motivate the Diabolos members to try kill Natsu's Dragon Slayer girl harem and eat them quickly before Etherion is preparing to fire upon the Tower of Heaven by Jellal's manipulation on the Council.

Of course, I can see Magma Dragon Natsu find Diabolos despicable and sacrilege, and would be confident that his girlfriends can handle them while he and Erza take on Jellal to defeat him, and hopefully Simon lived so he reunites with his sister Kagura.
8/12 c33 AnimeFan13579
Man light and spatial magic falls under her influence. Spatial magic would mean things like gravity and teleportation is possible. She's very well suited to crush several enemies that appear later.

Jellal uses Heavenly Body magic which involves magic attributed to celestial bodies. Meaning due to dragon scales and dragon lungs she's immune to the magic and can consume it. Only physically hitting her with his own body would do anything. Which basically makes her one of his worst opponents as that's one of his strongest abilities. By it's nature she may be able to learn how to do some of that same magic or use it as inspiration.

Bluenote Stinger uses gravity magic which may be worthless against her as it's an effect attributed with celestial bodies.

A battle with Minerva Orland would also go very differently since her magic is spatial magic emphasized on territory.

I wonder though if all the new dragonslayers will end up with their own Exceed partners later. After all it's a bit of a pattern that the dragonslayers tend to have their own partners outside of like Laxus.
8/12 c33 djinn
great new chapter
8/12 c33 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job and now Juvia slowly being a part of the group.
8/12 c33 fartmaster1002
THis is an amazing story keep up the good work.
If possible could you make a enhanced version of dragon force for each slayer when they eat etherion or keep a few crytsals in case of emergency since natsu technically has 3 elements now he can process 3 times the power and energy than he could in the anime since he is a lot stronger in body thanks to igneels training in this fic.
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