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9/30 c43 RuneFather
9/30 c1 2VoteDonaldJTrump2024
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9/28 c43 Nami4Life
Great chapter. Nobody can blame Alzack for doing what he did, he made it quick and easy. Grays fight with prixlow was very good, showing a clear level up beyond what he had in canon. If he’s that strong, how strong will Ur be when she has full control of her magic and possibly slayer magic too, haha. I would expect no less from Mystogan. Freed using forbidden magic against a guild mate should carry a harsh punishment. Laxus knew as soon as Natsu spoke those 2 names that his plan was incomplete or flawed and probably doomed to failure. Now we have 2 pissed off dragon slayers on the hunt and literally wanting blood. I can’t wait for the next chapter.
9/27 c43 AnimeFan13579
Yeah can basically expect that a Gray with Ur around would be stronger since he was basically still a child when she sacrificed herself. That would leave a lot of potential time lost that could have been spent refining the magic. Granted you can do a lot with just the basics of maker magic known as imagination plays a part to it. However having a teacher point out flaws or where can improve in the structure helps.

You know the thing I found sad about the Battle of Fairy Tail is how stupid everyone ended up being about hunting down Laxus and the Thunder Tribe. After first encountering the traps it should have been simple to deduce they can't be near any other members. If spaced out enough the traps that force combat won't trigger with only one occupant.
9/27 c43 alecxlucas04
Can't wait (literally I can't I'll have to distract myself for a few weeks) also great chapter like always
9/25 c43 djinn
great new chapter, nice changes with Gray getting an upgrade in skill to quickly and smartly defeat Bickslow, and having Mystogan take out Freed.
9/25 c43 6TM11
Laxus better get arrested or be possessed in the end. Otherwise, this arc will make no sense.
9/24 c43 15NinjaFang1331
Awesome fights and now what with happen with Elfman and Evergreen.
9/24 c43 omni867
Yay loved the chapter and hope the next chapter comes soon
9/20 c40 Kiyan Tribe
Why Gravure shoots? Aren't Dragon's possesive? I don't think Natsu should be okay with it.
9/10 c42 Rick Robinson
Elfman Strauss's beast is not mythology monster

9/2 c42 leebrough98us
I like your stories though it's kinda annoying the two dragon slayers are trapped more annoying they gave up after only one try. I get that it's for plot though still annoying. To me at least. I do love you stories though.
8/28 c42 Nami4Life
Excellent chapter. Loved the bit with Juvia being accepted into Natsu’s family unit and of course the wet dream that was Miss Fairy Tail. It never fails to amaze me how you make even small changes that can have such a huge impact on the story. Like Lisanna staying and the positive ways in which her brother and sister would grow in strength as a result. Elfman’s chimera form and Mira being on par with Erza being ways of showing their growth. The changes to Laxus game will also have a big impact on everyone involved. Still hope Girldarts randomly appears though, I don’t think he will tbh. It would somewhat nullify the changes made. He’s just that strong. Can’t wait for Natsu and Garjeel’s rage to be unleashed, it’s gonna be Epic.
8/25 c42 jmatrix00
Looking forward to the beat down. That being said, a lot of stuff in Fairy Tail makes no sense. If Evergreen can just petrify anybody who looks into her eyes, wouldn’t that make her basically unbeatable unless you already know what to avoid? You’d think that there would be a time limit at least based on how much magic power the target has. Same thing with a lot of stuff in fairy tail, it just ignores power completely and is treated as an absolute effect. In that case Acnologia should have been defeated long ago.

Sorry for the rant, keep up the great writing Kairomaru
8/23 c42 djinn
great new chapter.
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