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7/24/2003 c2 Rex
Can I ask, did you really ever listen to Linkin Park songs? 'cause on the lyrics booklet, the line for 'Crawlin', instead of 'These wounds they will not heal', is typed as 'consuming all I feel'. I only change it like that 'cause it so does not sound like 'consuming all I feel'! So I was wondering, where you get the lyrics?
4/26/2003 c2 13Aberlemno
Okay, well these songs are much better than Dido's version ^_^ I'm gonna go sing them. . .And freak everyone out! Yay! Crawlins seems to be everyonbe's . . .Shadow Hearts song. . .it's in Start Again as well. It's a good song! I was gonna try and write English lyrics to the soundtrack, they all seem to be in Japanese. And also do song parodies. . . *sigh* So many things I mean to write. . .

Is it too cruel to ask you to do a song for Roger Bacon? See, I have no idea how anyone'd do that, and. . .

Bacon: T.T Obsessive fangirl alert!

But I can see how it might be impossible. Hmm. I like the fact there are songs here. I'm trying to name each chapter in Malkovich after a song, and these Margarete songs are good ones to use. keep up the songs!

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