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5/15/2020 c1 87StarlitDuck
One thing that I like about this version of Ludwig is his appreciation for music. I have seen versions of him that completely forget and/or neglect that part of his personality. I mean, come on! He is named after Ludwig van Beethoven, for crying out loud!

Just a side note, I like that you have done character profiles. They can be useful for organizing information.
1/5/2020 c2 Lemmy
Finally someone who doesn't count me as retarded
12/9/2019 c8 1LopDrieuna
You know. I have read all of your Koopalings profiles . And I like them a lot ! Mind if I use some traits and personality from your story for some of my own . If that’s doesn’t bother you ?
4/5/2019 c7 87StarlitDuck
You gave Larry the middle name Mackenzie. Nice!
2/23/2019 c1 PrincessWoowoo
Please do more! Also how can an explosion make someone hear again?

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