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1/20 c68 SomeRand0m
Man, I need more. This is actually the first fanfic that I have read where the main lovers of shikikan are the lower rarity ships. Not the SRs. I am seriously loving this. Now I understand why this is one of the most favorited and followed AL fic here. Can't wait to read more of your work.
1/14 c68 Johnzgamez
very naicu, very naicu. Uhhhh... more Indy- Chan please? Uhhh... also, I'm guessing no Washy, eh? Anyways, good chapter, did enjoy, keep up the good work
1/11 c68 joeyginise
You have provided some very good reasons to join team Arizona. Which is weird cause he is supposed to have a Harem. Stuff like this makes me think about post war, it is the 40s. There is no way Congress is gonna let him marry any of them, let alone them all. Anyway, whatever happens in his life in the end is up to you. I just think that maybe Tenn should get herself a nice marine who can keep up with her. I honestly don't see the Good Commander and her getting together beyond physical intimacy, but that might just be how you characterized Tenn coloring my perception of her ability to handle emotional situations. Anyway, I can't help but feel that AL's desire for less bloodshed is in vain. For obvious reasons.

*Visibly sweats in Manhattan Project*

AL's reaction to D-Day is going to be an interesting one. Though I think Nimi is going to be a very lonely German. Seeing as all her Friends and Family will be sent to the bottom of the Atlantic. Very few would be alive by the end of this.
1/11 c68 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
1/11 c68 obelix1999
Happy new year , thanks for the cand-I mean chapter
1/10 c68 Seething Abyss
Let's go! I love seeing Arizona getting the treatment she deserves! She gets to be flagship when they deal with Akagi and Kaga. How poetic. It's also great seeing the girls getting their own commendations too. Let's hope they can wrap up this war in the Pacific soon so no more Sakura girls die.
1/10 c68 theberg
The duel of fates will happen soon! Thanks for the chapter!
12/31/2020 c67 RizomataNyan
thank you for the chapter! honestly i am just waiting for Thorson to get his hand on other Iron Blood defector or wisdom cube, imagine if he somehow manage to acquire Bismarck
12/25/2020 c67 Guest
I think you should include at least one of the prototype ships in this story, presented as Thorson and Azur Lane creating their own Kansen from scratch, one whose first and only loyalty is to Thorson's Azur Lane.
12/23/2020 c67 Guest
I think you neglected to describe what Enterprise's rigging mark looks like. Did you forget or is that intentional?
12/23/2020 c67 Guest
Very great story
Please keep it up
12/24/2020 c67 Vendetta123
This is an incredible story, easily among the best in the fandom. I heavily enjoy reading it.

This chapter was great, glad Enterprise and Hornet are finally going to be fighting with their riggings, can't wait to see Enterprise's bow in action.

I eagerely await more, keep up the great work!
12/22/2020 c67 Curtis
Awesome chapter it nice to see hornet back and as a Essex class carrier. And seeing one of the second carrier division ships having second thoughts on the first carrier division and also zed getting some loving too. Keep the good work
12/23/2020 c67 MarauderPrime12
12/23/2020 c67 obelix1999
Eyyy Nimi gettin some luv , and CV bunbun getting some thinking done
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