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11/23/2023 c88 GabrielTheMagnificent
Damn, this is just an amazing story. I read through it all in three days, keep up the great writing!
11/20/2023 c88 chibinh514e
Dakota, Dakota please, why are you leaving your Commander alone with an enemy Destroyer that has good reason to harm him? What kind of a shield are you?
11/20/2023 c88 chibinh514e
I’m surprised it took this long for Thorson to be forced to fight dirty.

I get that he’s feeling bad l, but i hope he tell his dissenters to put a sock in it. You know you’re an idiot when the traditional Japanese warrior has more sense than you
11/18/2023 c88 3KaijuKnight
Oof! That was equally epic and heartrending! I definitely understand Andrews need to keep his fleet safe, but I get the feeling that making a decision that puts him closer to Akagi in any way will take a toll on him. To say nothing of Massachusetts fury towards him and Akagi.

i also hope this doesn't put him on the outs with any of his other Kansen. Great chapter! Hope Jean Bart lives to be pissed at him.
11/17/2023 c88 FateBurn
nice chapter
11/17/2023 c88 1skycomv2
I admit this chapter has me torn. My first oathed ship was Jean and my 2nd was Minnie. So while I am happy that Jean was the star of the show here, it seems you gave Jean several Iris event artifacts, and the holy annihilation cannon which I can't remember. She keeps pulling miracles out of a hat. Still it was fun, keep op the good work.
11/17/2023 c88 TehDIGI
Glad to see this get updated, and damn that cliffy, gonna have to wait to see what happens next, frankly after everything that has happened, i would have just bombarded Jean Bart and did that whole 1 on 1 crap. Wonder how this will cause drama now, will Massa and some of her sisters switch sides all because of this? After everything Thorson has done to them?
9/19/2023 c87 1Cemalidor
Poor Jean. ;_;
Nice touch with certain three destroyers working effectively as guerilla commando. :XD Minor thing bugging me is that Thorson has/had a "french" kansen in his command. Why didn't he ask for communication frequencies?
9/11/2023 c20 2Timewatch
It's been a very long time since this chapter was written, and this is the point where I almost dropped because I like Nachi (and as of chapter 50 remain disgruntled she's the only one who's been killed off, it's anti-Nachi discrimination). But her retrofit comes out in a few days, and I wonder if you're going to work that into the story? Like I said, I'm only on chapter 50, but I had to come back here and make this comment.
9/1/2023 c86 obelix1999
The plot THICCENS . Daddy Downes ?
8/23/2023 c86 Anon
This is the best Azur Lane FF bar none, it's better than the actual game story imo.
8/21/2023 c86 MarauderPrime12
Thorson isn’t the only one who did a spit take on the news
Excellent chapter
8/20/2023 c86 FateBurn
good chapter
8/20/2023 c86 TehDIGI
HUZAH new chapter :D cant wait to read more.. patiently waiting again :D
8/20/2023 c86 1Cemalidor
Thanks for the fresh chapter there. Colour me surprised that we get two kansens back with Cleve and Brooklyn of all those. :O
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