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1/23 c79 Guest
So can we ever expect Thorson to make his own PR ship one day?
1/23 c79 1Cemalidor
Eldridge turning up with orders OSS is a bit too much on spot to be coincidence. Makes one wonder how they keep tabs without being noticed (is there even perhaps a "spy" among our dear Kansen? :XD ). :XD
The byplay with Kaga is just hilarious (Mama? Up.), thanks for the fresh chapter. :D Kasumi being the latest recipient of a retrofit sounds nice as well plus i'm curious how the planned retrofits of Penny (and perhaps others) will turn out.
1/23 c78 1Trialkiller34
Very nice you updated it, was missing it a lot not gonna lie.

Now i'm curious what Thorson is gonna encounter out there.

Great job!.
1/22 c79 TehDIGI
HUZAH im so glad this got updated.. hope you are doing fine :D, waiting patiently for the next chapter
1/22 c79 MarauderPrime12
Too true
Excellent chapter
1/22 c79 joeyginise
Five bucks says they meet Texas once they hit the Atlantic. Or even the Iowas, the war in the pacific is ending early, and they would serve best as a support role for invasion forces.
1/22 c79 FateBurn
Good chapter, please continue soon
1/22 c79 454godamora
Glad to see this one is back. I enjoy reading this.

One minor request: meeting Prince Phillip. To honor his memory and that he served on a few Royal Navy Kansen like Valiant, and more popular, Belfast.
11/25/2021 c25 Trident543
Are you doing gun counts based on the rigging?
11/21/2021 c78 1BirdFeather1837
Nice filler. Only thing I've been missing so far is Vice Admiral Halsey, would love to see him portrayed in this version of events.
11/18/2021 c78 Curt
I can't wait to see how the ironblood will react when they see andrew and his fleet that makes up Azur lane now
11/19/2021 c78 4Slavic Warrior
This was sort but sweet chap, I can't wait to see what ylu do next!
11/19/2021 c78 MarauderPrime12
Things are getting interesting
Excellent chapter
11/19/2021 c78 FateBurn
Good chapter
11/19/2021 c78 Sherlockshovel
This is my new favourite fanfiction. Thank you for attending my TedX talk
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