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3/12/2021 c20 songforsmiling
3/11/2021 c70 Johnzgamez
Ah, Indy. Beautiful Indy. Good chapter. Good Night.
3/11/2021 c70 ACogintheSystem
I'm eagerly awaiting who'll be in Thorson's bed. My potential picks are:

- Enterprise (She's very relevant to the story, including her Ash counterpart who had a commander of her own. Obvious she'll have a relationship with Thorson)
- Takao (Same as the above)
- Ark Royal (To complete the father-mother dynamic)
- Laffey (She earns it :) )
- Indianapolis (Thorson will probably comfort her for what she did this chapter)
3/9/2021 c70 obelix1999
Indy be thrownig nukes now ?
3/9/2021 c70 joeyginise
Zeroes were in fact, made from metal. Just looked it up because of what Akagi said. And I share Andrew's disgust on this one. Akagi is a psychopath through and through. She should be tried like the war criminal she is. I also did not expect the nuke to come into play this early or in this way, But clever use of Indy's rigging though.

Someone should try to convince penny not to give up on humanity or the Union. They are slowly coming around to it all. That is clear with the Carriers crews and Nimitz himself. they just need that extra push, ya know?
3/9/2021 c1 ArgentOrange
Doubt I am the first to comment it, but you can't just stare at the sight of a nuclear detonation without becoming temporarily blind. Radiation is a factor as well. Cancer is a very real thing in the least, if poisoning doesn't kill him first. If the power of a nuclear bomb isn't atleast demonstrated full, then I am less to believe that what Indy threw wasn't a nuke to begin with. Regardless, fantastic read as always, keep up.
3/9/2021 c70 dylan.multiverse
1. I hope you know what you're doing, Thorson. Yanderes are liability, especially during the war. Let's just hope Akagi's yandere tendencies doesn't get transferred to Kaga. The last thing we need is Kaga to become the new Akagi.
2. Father, forgive us. For today, we have become death, the destroyer of worlds.
3. Still waiting for Zuikaku and Shoukaku to join Thorson's fleet. And I wonder who would be the first carrier to sleep with the Commander.
3/8/2021 c70 CincyRail
that was a awesome chapter i was surprised on what Minneapolis did to akagi with out her head on and also the nuke that indy used as well and lets see what happens next. keep the good work
3/8/2021 c70 NotaSingleChance
he's going balls deep into the impact site of a nuclear warhead, uh oh
3/8/2021 c70 carbon1923
I have a feeling that even if Thorson makes it out of the mirror sea alive, he's not gonna live long after. Radiation poisoning is not nice.
3/8/2021 c70 454godamora
Wow. Wasn't expecting you to spare Akagi nor the realm of Yapool, I mean, the Dirac Sea, or whatever.
3/8/2021 c70 theberg
Wow those sirens are much more pathetic than I was expecting.

I didn’t expect the nuke but damn the sanctuary is a hard nut to crack.

So the final boss is kaga huh. I wonder if you will include Orochi in the mirror sea as in the anime did when akagi tried to res Amagi.
3/8/2021 c70 MarauderPrime12
Stars have mercy on the sirens, for the Knight has none left.
Excellent chapter
3/8/2021 c1 Matthew Ooi
Can't imagine what Akagi must have thought when Minneapolis survived 'decapitation'.

Also, Indy flat out nuked the Mirror Sea. Wow.
3/8/2021 c8 1Cemalidor
BWahaha, i like your style...
"I'm not implanting anything in you Laffey"
"Stop whoring me to the enemy" :XD
I can't wait til the first Royal Navy shipgirls turn up to such phrases and certain itches. :XDD
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