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6/10/2021 c73 20CreepyReaper
Oh DAMN that was definitely not something I was expecting. A political marriage offer out of left field, and to Kaga of all ships unexpected and brilliant, I love it
6/3/2021 c73 6ThatRabidPotato
Oh, this is just too good. You are a genuinely good writer, and this is by far the longest *well-written* piece of AL content I've been able to find on here, so I've kept reading despite the fact that I despise harems. Or at least harems where the author is making a serious effort to sell it as a good thing instead of either comedy or the degradation of all parties that it ultimately always is. There have been parts where I've had to seriously grit my teeth.

But this...

Thorson cannot turn this down. Nagato is the ultimate authority among the Sakura, both in this AU and what passes for AL canon. Akagi and Kaga were only able to lead because she was not present. Fuso and Yamashiro's authority came from appointing themselves Nagato's mouthpieces and stand-ins. They may not turn their guns on him, but if Nagato orders them to simply leave Thorson, then the vast majority of his Sakura ships will do so. On the flipside, Nagato isn't lying. Tying Kaga to Azure Lane in this manner will get the total cooperation of every single Sakura ship for one reason or another. Thorson has no reason not to do this other than that it'll suck for him personally.

Which frankly he deserves IMO. This is a well-deserved punishment for both him and Kaga. She has to give herself over as the wife of her most hated enemy. And Mr. Serial Philanderer is going to have to stick to one bed and one only; or else the guy who put on such a show of faith on Easter, loudly proclaims his Christianity, and uses Christian prayers at multiple points including every time he presides over a funeral will have to explain to God why he wiped his ass with the Sixth Commandment's letter as well as its spirit. Oh, and if he cheats on Kaga Nagato will have every reason to declare the alliance void. That's how these things work.

They should have San Diego sing at the wedding reception to really set the tone.

I'm going to follow this for now, though undoubtedly I'll regret that when you probably have him still continue the harem somehow and present it as a good thing.
6/3/2021 c62 ThatRabidPotato
Laffey wins the duel against the Hiei in this timeline!

Ten battleships against half that number, this should've simply been a steamroll in favor of the Union once they got in range. Though to be fair you nerfed the Sakura because the Yamato and Musashi were present at the real life Midway IIRC.
6/3/2021 c61 ThatRabidPotato
Aw, see, Admiral Spruance does care. Good, I didn't understand the original portrayal of him as an asshole. There weren't really an assholes in the US Admirals other than I suppose King, and Spruance was a good commander.
6/3/2021 c52 ThatRabidPotato
I very much wonder if we'll get to see the later models of battleship. South Dakota is the only one you've shown so far that was truly modern. After the current event as I write this, and the introduction of the Iowa-class/New Jersey, I can only imagine Miss NJ easily breaking Tennessee in half without even trying.
6/3/2021 c49 ThatRabidPotato
Three different women in less than a couple hours?

This absolute unit.

At least he got back with Cleveland, who is still by far the best girl out of the options available to him.
6/3/2021 c47 ThatRabidPotato
Carriers: can strike enemies from hundreds of miles away.

Battleships: can strike enemies from thirty miles away at most.

Battleships look badass. They ARE badass. But it simply is utterly irrational to pretend that in naval warfare, they could ever ultimately compete with airpower.
6/2/2021 c37 ThatRabidPotato
Do you have something against Enterprise?
6/1/2021 c7 ThatRabidPotato
Given that the USS Vestal was actually the outboard pair ship for the Arizona at Pearl Harbor, no, Vestal is not always with Enterprise.
5/31/2021 c73 4FloridaMan722
I started this a few days ago. Good shit. Couldn’t put it down. Lots of fun times from Laffey being Laffey to Indy just yeeting the infamous “football”. Now we have potentially an Amagi that’s about to come back from the dead out of sheer need to bonk her dumb fox sisters. Thorson won’t need to punish them when Amagi comes back to handle it. Kaga’s marriage will be the least of her problems. Lmao.
5/30/2021 c73 FateBurn
good so far.
5/19/2021 c73 Guest
5/20/2021 c73 ACogintheSystem
The rules have now completely changed now that Azur Lane and Sakura Empire have formed an alliance. However it's a steep that'll be hard to climb.

- Kaga's marriage will be a mix reception, especially for Arizona and the Yorktown sisters who have negative experience with the foxgirl. However while it seems Nagato is clueless about the ordeal, I think she isn't and what she did was smart. Having Kaga under Azur Lane's control would be most acceptable for Eagle Union who had lost Yorktown and would need a replacement for her.

- Then, there's the tension between Sakura and Azur Lane. Kongou and Kirishima would be less receptive of this alliance due to the death of Haruna at Azur Lane's hands. Zuikaku would want a shot against Enterprise and while she's loyal to Nagato, it won't be long before tension breaks out.
5/18/2021 c73 Notashikikan
Andrew: I fight for everyones peace! Join me!
Nagari: Sure! As symbol of our alliance marry Kaga.
(Andrew's harem)Azur Lane/Kaga: Peace was never a option.
5/18/2021 c73 Anyone
Sooooo... basically Andrew will accomplish the dream of every shikikan that ever have played Azur Lane. Oath his shipfu IRL.

*Salute while crying manly tears*
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