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6/2 c84 TheOneAndOnly
Ah, the Mediterranean Theatre. Here we go!
5/24 c84 LitchKing788
This is an amazing story and I’m ecstatic to see Azur lane get some love on this website.
5/21 c84 Guest
Yes! A new chapter! Thank you so much for continuing this story. It is always amazing and so wonderful to see the characters develop. I loved seeing Bismarck stepping forward and managing to reach graf. Looking forward to the next chapter.

- Greendagger9900
5/22 c84 mcdean123
Every time I begin to think Sabaton has abandoned this story, he hits me with another chapter. Another great installment as always, but please, any chance of a bit more frequency?
5/21 c84 MarauderPrime12
Always a pleasure to read this story
5/21 c84 9TheGamerMarine76
The French are here! Finally! I can't wait to see them, now that the Big 4 has mostly been covered. I'm also very excited to see Hood and maybe the other ships resurrected if possible.

I also don't get why the Scharnhorsts were called the Ugly Sisters. They looked so pretty.
5/20 c84 TehDIGI
When ever I see this fic gets update, it feels like its my birthday. really love this fic :D Will wait patiently for the next chapter :D
5/20 c84 FateBurn
Good chapter
5/20 c84 CruiserIBarelyKnowHer
You made a mistake of having Z23 address Bismarck with 'Heer' and not with 'Frau' when she received U556's letter.
4/5 c83 3KaijuKnight
Wow! Simply incredible! I had been putting this one off for a while now. Wanted to have the head space to enjoy a good tale, and oh boy! You had me hooked from the first chapter.

Thorson is a great lead. The way you threw him into the deep end and just forced him to cope was perfect. He's imperfect but earnest all the way through. It's funny, cause in these circumstances, I think you've captured a logical scenario that realistically emulates the game. Basically, you did a great job bringing a "Waifu Collector" to life in a believable way. And sure he may have a lot of them in his bed, but he is not actively pursuing all of them.

I love way too many of your characterizations to give proper credit to all of them. Laffey was hilarious from the get go, but she was the first to start showing the side of things too. Her drinking and how her reasons for drinking evolve throughout the story are always tear-jerker moments.

Pennsylvania's strong personality is awesome. She's got all the guts and still retains her feelings and femininity, which is a stark counterpoint to Tennessee, who uses her strength to keep everyone at arms length and stifles all her emotions at the same time. The character development for Tennessee towards the end was also both a gut punch and amazing storytelling all in one. I honestly wasn't sure if she was going to survive that mistake!

The way you presented the Sakura empire's motivations and the individual drive of each person fighting for that empire is also a high point. You kept Akagi's drive to resurrect Amagi, but also tied in some of the strength obsessed condescension present when she was in at the head of the empire. Honestly, you did capture an aspect of the game's story that I've never really been able to make sense of. The cruelty and drive present in 'empire ruling' Akagi always struck me as a sharp difference to 'Fleet' Akagi's predatory pursuit and devotion to the commander. Almost like the two were completely different people. The way you presented it makes sense and gives the commander and Kaga something to rally together with.

Personality wise, I prefer Kaga over Akagi and that is still true in your pages. Kaga is still stern, calculating and in control, but is still the one who allows herself to be pushed to the side to support her sister and uphold her promises to Amagi. Your portrayal of her is awesome and even more awesome once the empire is defeated and she must rise above her shame. I cackled when Nagato suggested the marriage between Kaga and the Commander, and while that particular arch seems to be laid to rest, their interactions since give me the feeling that she will be joining the ranks of his lovers before too long. Will Akagi come for the ride or will she be left out in the cold? Honestly, I'll enjoy the drama either way.

Downes has been favorite for me. The way she acts with such confidence, but still has all the human insecurities is great. The friendship between her and Tennessee is awesome too. And don't get me started on how sweet her relationship with Ooshiro is! Diabetic coma every time!

The mixed shrine was a great idea, as was the motivation you created that lead to its creation. Though I have to admit, some of the hardest parts of the story are some of the best written. Every time a character dies, especially when you capture the despair of war and powerlessness when death seems inevitable. You make this war seem real and it makes the deaths seem all the more real. Keep it up. And I'll do my best to not hold Edinburgh's death against you. lol

Overall, a solid story with great characters that I will follow till the end. You have earned a fan!

KaijuKnight, Out!
2/17 c83 greendagger9900
So happy to see another chapter! So happy to see Spite and Vampire again. Maybe Sheffield or Bel, or maybe Illustrious will join the commander permanently? And also hopefully we see Graf soon and she can get some TLC from the commander. Can’t wait to see what happens next in the coming chapters.
2/16 c83 1Cemalidor
Nearly missed this one in my personal confusion/drama as i seemingly missed the one before. :D
So the "crew" finally made it to Brittania and things are escalating quickly i'd not being as "carefree/easy" as mostly descripted is a given the frame of story and the mounting loses of her sisters. Nice touch there with Sheffield and the link to the Iris "Resistance" is easy enough to believe/see there. :D
And on regard on that little vampiric speech i nearly expected to meet Duke of York, completely forget lil Vampyre. :XDD Not sure if the first is stil active/alive, but at least i can't remember her being named as killed from the top of my head.
On unrelated notes i still foster some (minor) hope that perhaps some of the cubes mentioned resting might react to our Shikikan, be said hope slightly to not-existent.
On Queen Elizabeth... Not sure why she names Churchill as "father", but perhaps that will be fleshed out soon. And i giggle imagining the confusing of the Royal Air Defense with seemingly out of the nothing Sakuran and Eagle Union flight joining the fray, after all the arriving of this convoy was seemingly kept under the lid pretty well.
2/15 c83 1TexasDrifter
Another fantastic chapter! Can't wait to see the next one, but don't push yourself. Take it easy :)
2/15 c83 EnJewel3
When I got the email… my day was made.
Absolutely amazing work, definitely worth the wait.
2/14 c83 9TheGamerMarine76
Now that is an update! Shit, I have to step it up, this was intense!

The main highlight for me here is QE, she’s seen some shit alright.
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