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5h c130 Guest
Is it me or the name lancel always appears in the singularities?
12h c10 jellatinous
bad chapter... the small amount of dialogue here doesn't warrant so much description. it's thick word soup!
13h c8 jellatinous
dohoho gacha time! I'm not really a fate lore buff so your little tidbits at the end are quite useful
14h c130 ShotoToshiro
Nice :D
15h c130 7Paxloria
Parceles Von Hoinhim in your story remembers his past sumonings to other Grail Wars. He's not like Counter Guardian Emiya nor stuck-waiting King Arturia, so why is it that he remembers things he shouldn't?
5/16 c130 razigibran
In a previous chapter Ainz'z clothes got destroyed from Mephistopheles explosion, soo... what is ainz wearing now, does he have a spare Chaldea uniform in his inventory or is he using clothes and gear from Yggdrasil that's also stored in his inventory?
5/16 c130 FrancoisDuComte
that moment when a cardboard NPC indistinguishible from a random shrub in the background turned out to be a major fucking plot point

5/15 c130 Guest
Guys, you might have missed it but "Lancel" has shown up in every singularity thus far except for the zeroth one; a soldier in Orleans, a legionnaire in Septem (called "Lansel" instead), a pirate in Okeanos, and now a civilian in London. This isn't exactly a new thing. Pretty nuts he's been all that and a Chaldea technician, though. What is he, some kinda conceptual existence?

Point is, it's a little late to start treating his showing up in the background as a big deal. He'll probs show up in future singularities too.

Now... man, because Ainz hasn't personally seen Nursery Rhyme or Paracelsus, they're not qualified for summoning yet which is honestly kinda sad seeing as Alice seemed interested.

Christ, I wish I had more to say than the obvious. I'm excited for buff-stacked Mash and Jalter vs The King.
5/15 c130 Vandeta V Veszaliusz
Nextttttttt bosssss
5/15 c130 1Alpha Uchiha01
Great chapter really like it
Few questions
Will Ainz ever bring out any of the NPCs in Nazarick?
Would Demiurge and Baal get along or would their relationship be like Baal and Mozarts?
It is getting kind of difficult to keep track of all the servants Ainz now has along with Ainz harem members can you start putting lists at the end of every other chapter for these respective groups?
5/15 c130 13fg7dragon
Lancel? Did I read that right? Lancel was already alive during the London Singularity? Don't tell me one of the changes to history will be him becoming immortal to some degree or undead...
5/15 c130 Zedeck
Where is Ainz's cult?
5/15 c130 Lechuzape
What effect would Enkidu (Noble phantasm) have on Ainz?
5/15 c130 Nechroz
Poor Tesla can't have break from getting bullied by everyone.
5/15 c130 Nat12313949971
Who is x?
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