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for Grand Foreigner

9/15 c201 Zero
Poor Gareth.
I hope Ainz turn into Momon and fight 1 vs 1 the lion king .
9/13 c201 Guest
interesting, how Type would react to Anza?
9/12 c201 2hallcharles469
so I'm curious about something. if someone was to use the weapon's from Ainz's create greater item would they be able to make a legend with it and get into the throne of heroes?
9/12 c201 slydino
Wonderful chapter. Great job and keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.
9/12 c201 1Jpx0999
its cool reading medb perspective on the things the players talked about like exp being expi and cooldown being culdown

i wonder what she thinks of things like glitches(not bugs since she could missunderstand as actual bugs) or GMs or what the hell would she comprehend the developers as...
9/12 c201 njgronlund
Galahad has priorities. XD
9/11 c1 mrtoxic.lord
For those that don’t know of the power scale: Ainz currently possess the power from his “Lore”. If you wnat more details on that read the chapters That have Leonardo‘s rants on Ainz.
9/10 c1 Matectan0707
I just reread the first chapter and noticed that you wrote, that fourty-eight is the max number of raiders against world enemys.

But isn't that wrong?
As far as I know multiple Guilds could attak a World enemy together.
And a guild had a max number of 100 players.
So I'm a bit unshure from where you got your info.
Or was that just idk artistic freedom?
9/8 c200 Darkstar11051999
So, Angrboda will be getting her own harem as well? And Ainz will be fine being a cuckold? Wow.
9/6 c200 Zero
I wonder if Angborda thinks of Kiyohime and Medusa as her daughters...
9/6 c199 Zero
Jaques is his/her foreigner version. I wonder how that will change this plot.

I dont know who was the guy that got killed by medb but surely was tired of this BS.
9/6 c198 Zero
Thats why he is the grand foreigner...
9/4 c200 Nechroz
Altera is good civilization
9/3 c200 Zed
200 chapters on this Overlord Beats Fate fic, That's a record for those bias fics to be this long.
9/3 c200 1Arenjie
Feels like it's been a year or so since Cainabel and Altera were mentioned
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