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11h c101 3EvilMagicman
Wait. Was that Despair Aura Ainz used at the end there? Because if it was...isn't that a tad bit dangerous for the normal humans that work in Chaldea? So why wouldn't his small excess there have far-reaching consequences. Oh and as for Oda being summoned in her final ascension instead of her first, I'll just assume that the Grail maxed out her stats from the very start.
13h c101 N2
Please have Mata Hari and Scathach and B.B and Tamamo become servants of Ainz.
16h c101 doot doot
Ch no 25 55 87 and 96 damm lancel is everywhere
19h c101 kuranodesu
you can not describe my relief when you said no more crossover only nasuverse and overlord, because damn too much crossover can derail good fic like this. grailing for hector please.
10/21 c101 AlphaKenny1
Love the chapter, I wonder the reactions of everyone else to his aura
10/21 c101 Maheshvara10
Awesome chapter
10/21 c101 nikitanikita10293847562004
How strong is Oda compared to Baal and Kainobel?
10/21 c9 Rice with Chest-Nuts
hoooo~ Alter Saber? is that 'cause of Ainz Negative Karma's or something? noice~ ...anyway, is that Loli an Assassin too? i thought for a second that was Jack the Ripper... >﹏<
10/20 c101 welldonesushi
Nooo, where's my man Jason? He worked so hard too :(
10/20 c8 Rice with Chest-Nuts
Ainz-sama just want to have a body of a “Daddy” material, >﹏< or should i say “Sugar Daddy” .( ಠ ͜ʖಠ) ...well, here we go folks, bone Daddy strikes again~ lol... you could just ask her to create a Dilf body tho, Satoru-san... (._.)
10/20 c101 REDACTED
G-inender, regarding your question #2:

No. All Nazarick denizens are part of Ainz' 2nd NP. And Ainz have no intention to use it atm. Besides, this Ainz isn't the one that slowly accepting Pandora's Actor (unlike the canon Ainz). PA's antics alone could make Ainz' shame level to go over 9000.
10/20 c101 alvilion
hey do you know how many views do you have up to now in this site
10/20 c101 sugoijack9
I think this Avenger Oda Nobunaga on her still first ascension.
10/20 c101 G-inerder
1. So, this is Oda 5-star right? Did she got some enhancement because of being summoned using the grail? Also I'm asking this because you just fine using data crystal to summon other 5-star servant.

2. I missed Pandora's actor. You still don't want to summon him?
10/20 c101 AkosiMarie
Too bad Achilles not been summoned but maybe in the future? What kind of suprises awaits us reader when Oda Nobunaga-chan in the mix?
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