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20h c157 Guest
Aside from the lore, you really captured the comedy of Overlord. The fact we are following a guy who hardly has any idea what he's doing and make shit up as he goes. And he enemies are just hilariously tripping themselves over trying to figure out what his next move. I really hope Ainz could move with his life and find a new family in Chaldea b/c their antics can only be found slice of life settings. So keep up the good work.
5/13 c157 Guest
With Olga's new body, can she use actual magic?
5/13 c151 9Uraharaisgod
75% done and only in America singularity? Guess that means no LB or sub-singularities for this story, dang...
5/13 c145 Uraharaisgod
Ainz: summons Scathach
Scathach: "Kill me"
Ainz: "No"

5 minutes later

Scathach: "Kill me"
Ainz: "Again, no"

10 minutes later /15 minutes later/middle of the night/Ainz in shower/Ainz eating

5/13 c140 Uraharaisgod
So...considering her reincarnated body removed the curse, is Olga capable of being a Master now, or was the damage caused by the curse on her circuits carried over to the new body due to it being imprinted on her soul, even if it won't get any worse? If so, could the damage to her soul/circuits be reversed now she's in a vessel that has regenerative properties (yggdrasil game mechanics), the body influencing the soul to regenerate itself to a healthier condition?
5/12 c157 Guest
Great chapter more plz
5/12 c157 Acqua OfThe Back
Gracias por el capĂ­tulo
5/11 c157 Sieg
Great work
5/11 c157 1mir19
What about the eight dragons of avarice? You didn't mention about them.
5/10 c157 sugoijack9
The crazy part that all of this are real in a sense after Ainz existence became a fact as his mere presence made his original world and all its lore as genuine FACTS.

Concept in a nutshell in Nasuverse are surreal that fictions became facts once brought to reality.

This made YGGDRASIL an unbelievable metaverse.
5/10 c157 Nechroz
Love how Baal just became Da Vinci's info source now that he has Mars to use in the future.
5/10 c111 9Uraharaisgod
Huh...so is it entirely possible that Ainz can accidentally create new skills for himself, or new facets of his existing skills, purely as a side effect of his messing up the past and introducing facets to his own legend within the Nasuverse?

Also, completely random shot in the dark...is Lancel a disguised Mare, one that got incarnated at some point in "the future" possibly in the sub singularities or the Lost Belts due to Ainz NP and them being left behind in the past, now present in the current time?
5/9 c157 sadanandsingh8555
Will you add Karna in Ainz collections ? Because we all want Archer Karna or True Karna who can use his powers without mana problems. Will you please ?
5/9 c157 sadanandsingh8555
Ainz can summon Eyeball Corpse, a lvl 70 undead to locate any hidden person or item and it's info gathering abilities rivals to that of a lvl 100 .
Why not use it to find or even locate the Demon Kings ?
5/9 c1 Guest
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