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6h c223 1Nai Darkor
Poor Roman. Just tell the truth!
7/16 c222 Guest
Ainz actually helping the servant out intentionally, setting her on a way to solve identity crisis and also overcoming his loot goblin addiction?! He is evolving, he is starting to believe!
7/14 c222 ShinNavidad
If Yggdrasil King Arthur can get drunk, does that mean his build is actually weak to poison?!
7/10 c222 7zakan
Great chapter!
7/10 c222 Alastor templar
Hahahahah poor altria
Almost lost his noble phantams XD
7/8 c221 vbolneo
221 chapter there's still no Nazaric
7/3 c207 2minimigrainemagnate
Da Vinci getting a bit meta, absolutely fantastic, love your work!
6/30 c221 Uwmu
What does Jacques thinks of Ainz ?
6/29 c221 slydino
Wonderful chapter. Great job and keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.
6/27 c221 Captain Snickety
Greatly enjoyed the YGG Arthur interaction. Very interested in seeing more
6/26 c221 Guest
I never expected Arthur to be so cute when drunk
6/26 c221 ShinNavidad
Question: There wasn't any repercussions to Arthuria being summoned to Camelot? I mean, she died and didn't receive palingenesis to restore her spirit origin right? Kinda like Serenity and Hassan.
6/26 c221 FrancoisDuComte
artoria on the other side of the wall, cartonishly listening in thru a stethoscope, "i rly get u man but like... tone it down? ppl will think we're maudlin drunks if u keep at it"

also i just have to ask coz the power plays between yggdrasil servants (esp between cainabel amd baal) is my fav part of this story: how would arthur's appearance change the... 'political landscape' so to speak? i figured there's the cainabel and baal camps, angrboda who's neutral but cordial to both, medb who's a 'true neutral'... so would arthur establish another factin which is neutral but hostile to both?
6/26 c221 IliIli567
I can already see the scandalous rumors that's gonna arise from this...
6/26 c221 Kaykaykaykayan
Be her father, Ainz-sama!
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