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5h c166 Guest
Talking to a friend indeed. Cursed Arm is a bro.
7h c166 TheYellowNinja13
Wait, so Roman claims he is 27 years old, but worked at Chaldea for at least 10 years, meaning by the age of at least 17, he's claiming he was (un-officially) married and a priest?

Also, if you made an Overlord x RWBY crossover, I would eat that up in a heartbeat. The way you write Ainz feels so perfect, I'd love to see what you could do with him in Remnant.
9h c166 sadanandsingh8555
Do you know that Ancient India was the first one to give powerlevels ?
Which powerlevel Ainz is according to myth Mahabharata since Nasu Mahabharata is weak ?
10h c166 Shirosaki Kizuro
Eyy that idea of RWBY was plenty interesting. Im all for it
8/8 c165 Mr.X Gonna Give it to you
You said that one day you'd like to make a Overlord/Rwby Crossover.
Have you given any thought as to what the premise would be or is it just like "I like these 2 universes, maybe one day i'll make a story about them"?
8/7 c165 mrgoldman
who do you think would win, ainz in this fic or touch me?
8/6 c165 Guest
Did any else realize if Ainz summons Chen Gong, he'll practically be a minigun that fire nukes? Chen Gong will have a unlimited man reserves and army's worth of ammo which happens to be consisted of Ainz's summons. I would pray for their victims but no God will help them.
8/6 c165 Guest
This shit prob has more filler than Naruto man
8/5 c165 OverlordIsShit
That for you s/14118686/1/An-Inevitable-Death
You should learn how to make crossover fics from this guy
8/5 c165 slimjim
What's the matter, Folcador? Never seen powerleveling in action?

The best thing is that it's canon that players level up fast in Yggdrasil since you lose levels when you die. For an Yggdrasil "Higher Being," relearning and remastering entire schools of magic after being resurrected is a mundane part of life. Though it makes me wonder if she has a level cap like in Yggdrasil too.

Given that every job class she's acquired during this time has increased her level by one, shouldn't Olga have superhuman durability since her HP should be increasing exponentially? Well I suppose we'll know when we see her physical training.

...In that same vein, since Olga might be considered an Yggdrasil creature now, will fire cast by her be particularly effective against the undead and stuff like that? We've established that Yggdrasil logic applies to her, but can she apply Yggdrasil logic to the world like Ainz does?
8/4 c1 Maheshvara10
awesome chapter
8/4 c165 Nechroz
Poor Focalor is having a hard time in Chaldea
8/4 c165 3JRWeiss
Olga, your "Prime Minister of Earth" side is showing xD
8/4 c165 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon.
8/4 c165 1Anoynim
Isn't a bad idea to try to split your level in different magic casters field? I mean Olga could try to specialize in something particular like necromancy or astrology... Etc instead of learning every kind of magic system.

In Yggdrasil it would be like learning Holy magic, Elemental magic, Death magic, Demonology, Druid magic at the same time. It would split too much your Levels and in the end you would become something like "Jack of All trade but master of none".

Anyway it seems that Olga's growth is related to True Resurrection since you can say "it's a spell made to Rez Players" so using it will give someone a player's status lol. Olga is a player lmao but kind of funny. Anyway great chapter
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