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4/22 c99 cool untaken username
Wait did Yggdrasil just replace the counter force?
4/22 c96 cool untaken username
Oh I didn’t notice that last time, the second time count started going up after the request was sent
4/22 c38 cool untaken username
I’ve been rereading the end of chapter ability explanations and I have 2 theories about how ainz got summoned, the first is that ainz is the embodiment/ personification of Yggdrasil or at least carrying a “seed” of Yggdrasil, since the Yggdrasil (case) says he has access to it even though Yggdrasil ended, the seed could also have spread to Olga since he resurrected her and rebuilt her within the Yggdrasil system. The reason ainz is in the fate universe is that the seed of Yggdrasil sent him there to assimilate the reality, farther implied by his use of creation to remake an island and changing history with his presence “infecting” the whole of mankind and the earth.
My second more cracky theory is that allya and Yggdrasil are friends and Yggdrasil saw what solemn was doing and sent ainz as it’s champion to beat him up.
Also I have a third one now that I wrote those 2 out, ainz is the vanguard for Yggdrasil, kinda like theory 1 but instead of housing a seed of Yggdrasil is just preparing the ground or something.
I’d like it if you could say if these are accurate or close but if you don’t I understand, spoilers and all
4/16 c13 4SkyChaser17
Sa-Sasuga Ainz sama! Even when he's not at Nazarick he'll be the most perfect being if them all! I'm sorry! I can't help it XD

gosh this is great, keep it up. And harem route? I hate them but the way he actually set the pieces unknowingly just... aw man, just left us some chance to get laid man. You can't be that cruel...
4/14 c155 slydino
Wonderful story. Very interesting to see how you have spun the FGO universe to suit Ainz and keep the story proceeding. Anyway great job and keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.
4/14 c155 Guest
Great CH more plz
4/14 c123 Guest
So... Lancel is a World Enemy but depowered to the point of an ordinary magi? By what I have read here isn't he the oldest of Archangels of Sephiroth that were mentioned previously? Metatron I think he is called
4/14 c155 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon.
4/13 c155 battnta7
What kind of curse zeus place on holmes?
4/13 c155 Guest
Oh boy, something tells me Angrboda is gonna have a fun time when she meets Raikou, Shuten and Ibaraki.
4/13 c153 Sieg
Hahahaha nice
4/13 c155 shiroryuu012
Thx for chapter
4/12 c155 ShinNavidad
1) In your opinion, Are you burnt from writing this story?
2) Its just me or are you writing way too fast nowadays? I remember the world building and plot from Orleans and Septem, which despite being quite simple from canon, you managed to create a detailed scenarios from a magnificent, gritty and devastated France to a tense cold war on multiple fronts on Rome.
Despite such quality your creativity went to the roof in America, a nuclear wasteland and a celt dystopia easily rivaling a lostbelt are tremendously good concepts but, in my opinion, you aren't getting that much juice from those settings, ya get me?
4/12 c155 5Icedev
Can you please stop artificially increasing the word count with "Frequently asked questions"? it is getting annoying. It also takes away a lot of the mystery of future events when you say shit like: Nah, even Gilgamesh with all the treasures in the world can't find out anything about Ainz.

Like I genuinely do enjoy this story, but the Frequently asked questions might as well be a post it note on your profile page.
4/12 c155 1Otherion
Since there's no way to delete reviews from mobile I guess I'll just continue with a new one.

and another is a just nuking everything in the old west, and no we are not close to the climax yet, so idk what to expect.

A good chapter as always.
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