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5/10 c157 Nechroz
Love how Baal just became Da Vinci's info source now that he has Mars to use in the future.
5/10 c111 9Uraharaisgod
Huh...so is it entirely possible that Ainz can accidentally create new skills for himself, or new facets of his existing skills, purely as a side effect of his messing up the past and introducing facets to his own legend within the Nasuverse?

Also, completely random shot in the dark...is Lancel a disguised Mare, one that got incarnated at some point in "the future" possibly in the sub singularities or the Lost Belts due to Ainz NP and them being left behind in the past, now present in the current time?
5/9 c157 sadanandsingh8555
Will you add Karna in Ainz collections ? Because we all want Archer Karna or True Karna who can use his powers without mana problems. Will you please ?
5/9 c157 sadanandsingh8555
Ainz can summon Eyeball Corpse, a lvl 70 undead to locate any hidden person or item and it's info gathering abilities rivals to that of a lvl 100 .
Why not use it to find or even locate the Demon Kings ?
5/9 c1 Guest
5/9 c157 ShinNavidad
The Yggdrasil lore you add to this story is absolutely amazing, cant wait to see how it keeps growing.
5/9 c157 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon.
5/9 c90 9Uraharaisgod
...I thought you said this fic wouldn't feature NTR a few chapters back? What did Goetia do to deserve this (other than the incineration of mankind)?
5/9 c83 Uraharaisgod
Whoa, mad props to Jasons cautious nature, to instantly throw off a Yggdrasil level Noble Phantasm with no effort? Congratulations, he just earned the title of first Servant to defeat a Yggdrasil character in any area.
5/9 c157 Daniel-palacio
Brilliant as always I loved the chapter so much I look forward to the next update XD
5/8 c157 cool untaken username
I don’t know if you take requests for end of chapter bits but can we get a “staff of ainz ooal gown” one? I like seeing the reactions or explanations of how something would work if Yggdrasil was reality and the story of the staffs construction would probably be well known considering ainz ooal gown spent weeks online gathering the materials, one of the largest guilds of higher beings spent years forging a mystical weapon of great power, who’s power is said to nearly rival that of a world and is filled with the souls of countless gods screaming in agony” or something like that
5/8 c157 1trashytaste
Great chapter. I find the explanations of Yggdrasil a bit too... meta, if that makes sense. Still, I am interested to see how the Heart will come into play (if it ever does).
5/8 c157 ShotoToshiro
thanks for the chapter
5/8 c157 1Arenjie
What a wonderful way for Baal to explain the timeline of Yggdrassil's updates for World Enemy raid events.
5/8 c157 cool untaken username
So ainz has the heart of Yggdrasil…. I don’t know what to do with this info, I mean it has to be used eventually cause chekoves gun and all that but I can’t even imagine ainz needing a noble phantasm much less to use an artifact of infinite power(world item?) unless ainz needs to seal away a world enemy which alaya might be considered one?
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