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6/18 c160 Zero
Im starting to think one thing...
Is lancel Zeltrech in disguise?
Is lancel the Alien god in disguise ?
Is lancel Shinji matou in disguise?
6/18 c159 Zero
Now i remember why Nursery Rhyme is one of my favorite characters.
6/18 c155 Zero
I would read THAT book.
Attack on London...
Why no one make something like that ?
6/18 c153 Zero
"Skull Island"...
6/18 c152 Zero
Let me guess...
The clocktower will try to use all the spoils and knowledge they collected to face Ainz ?
6/18 c149 Zero
Someone gives some respect to Jason.
6/18 c146 Zero
The clocktower...
I cant wait for Ainz beating the hell out of them .
6/17 c141 Zero
Yggdrasils players are between Star wars fandom and Dark souls community.
6/17 c139 Zero
That moment when Ainz realize that the dead NPCs were not that senseless...
6/17 c138 Zero
The raging players bring me so many good memories...
Ah dear Marvel Avengers Alliance...
Rest in peace, you jewel...
6/17 c136 Zero
Poor Boudica.
6/17 c160 Guest
How bout you get some bitches nigga

Bashing ass motherfucker
6/16 c104 4Alucard
Over 100 ch and we finally see progress in romance. Glad to finally see it.
6/16 c128 Zero
I wonder how Jeanne would react if she know that Gilles started a religion around her... all because of Ainzs actions.
6/16 c121 Zero
Sometimes i love how Fate mess with History...
A serial killer become a dragon with a sonic cannon insteand a voice. Then that dragon became a vampire.
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