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6/14 c160 Guest
Is there a Solomon in Yggdrasil since Ainz has the statues of his 72 demons in the TRomb of Nazerick?
6/14 c160 Felix PLopez
6/13 c101 Cross69
6/13 c160 ShotoToshiro
great chapter
6/13 c160 Nechroz
aww glad to see Emiya doing at least a bit better
6/13 c160 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon.
6/12 c160 sugoijack9
I have a lot of question regarding Francis Drake gender and appearance.
She is a RECENT HISTORY. It's hard to cover that he is a she from all of that especially her gigantic 2 mountains. Seriously, how the hell that the people in Fate history mistook FRANCIS DRAKE as a goddamn man with those boobs.

If she were originally Queen Elizabeth the First. Then it match perfectly and also the timeline.
6/12 c160 sadanandsingh8555
To be honest, an Indian servant would be far more amazing.
Do you know that in the Hindu Mythos , a hero tier warrior must be capable of shooting so many arrows that it can block the sunlight itself ?
Nasu Karna is far more whitewashed version of Myth Karna who has some Gilgamesh type of personality but with good reasons.
Are we going to meet Tipu Sultan, Koschei, Ashoka or Indrajeet as new servants ?
Is it possible for you to bring some new Hindu servants like from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Ancient India, Medieval India or Modern India ?
Hindu heroes are some of the least discovered heroes in the Nasuverse due to Nerfing .
6/12 c160 IliIli567
Can Ainz mentally survive a hour of hearing Nero and Elizabeth's singing? Also in this sentence "My real name is Emiya. Emiya Shiro, not that should really mean anything much to any of you." You misspelled Shirou's name as shiro.
6/12 c160 Guest
That's probably my favorite chapters that is in Cheldea. Lots of characterization, and Drake being Queen Elizabeth, I'm sure you know, it was originally planned, but they gave up on that.
6/11 c159 cool untaken username
A question about ainzs 3rd np, does he know what it does?
6/11 c159 Some guy on the
If someone invade this Nazarick and somehow manage to get to the pass the battle maids, will ainz gained all the abilities and strength of the other 41 temporarily? since the battle maid is originally made to buy the 41 time for their last stand.
6/10 c1 sadanandsingh8555
Do you know that in the Nasuverse , the spiritual dimension is called higher dimension ? Because the spirits lack the ability to age and can't be affected by laws of physics and so the realm where they exist is Throne of Heroes , so it's outside of space and time.
Servants are ethereal construct and in the volume 14, Scama summoned the ethereal blade without any magic and spell. So may be Servants are not really that rare ?
There exists ethereal undeads too in the new world.
Have you heard of Koschei the Russian lich ?
He could be next summon of Momonga.
6/10 c159 satou.kuzuma452
Damn, I'm so proud one of my prediction is a "yes"
6/5 c159 Guest
Dude great story more plz
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