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3/25/2019 c9 Guest
Don’t listen to Rain when he has said that Ainz gets annihilated by other certain Fate-verse servants. He probably didn’t even gotten up-to-date enough with this story to see that Ainz has EX-Rank Luck! Seriously, that EX-Rank Luck, Grand Foreigner status, and other neat high-ranked abilities is going to help Ainz a lot against even the most Overpowered of Fate-verse servants. At this point, Ainz in this story is quite different from the Ainz in the canon in terms of power-level and in-verse mechanics (not like the mechanics of Overlord can even be compared to the Fate-verse settings, as their in-verse mechanics aren’t really compatible with each other and also the fact that we don’t even know the full mechanics of the Overlord, other than the fact that the mechanics of Overlord is heavily inspired by DnD, but even Overlord-verse has some mechanics that differentiate it from DnD). And Shiki, despite her hax, can only fight defensively against servants for some unknown reason, so she isn’t much of a factor in terms of a true threat to Ainz. This version of Ainz is definitely different from the canon in terms of in-verse mechanics and power-levels (most Servants are more powerful than their actual selves in their respective mythologies anyways, so Servant Ainz being more powerful than his real counterpart shouldn’t be an exception for him in comparison to others).

Anyways, good work with your story. Looking forward to more!
3/27/2019 c9 Daniel-palacio
en verdad me gusto muchísimo sobretodo esa escena de hassan me gusto joder en verdad me dio envidia quisiera estar en su lugar por que las chicas aya son calientes XD
3/26/2019 c9 RyuujiVantek
Ainz summoned a group of servant on each class. XD
And i bet he can summon more and still have mana to spare. Ahhahaa! Yes! More!
3/26/2019 c9 1Thorfaxdragonkin
Was waiting for him to call jack the ripper
3/26/2019 c9 Kuma098
3/25/2019 c9 T-B-R
the waifu collecting begins!
3/25/2019 c9 holyscythe
thank you for the chapter,i like that ainz misunderstand why the girl crys when dident die, hes character is as he should be.
have a nice day.
from a fan.
3/25/2019 c9 2ArmantusCumPinnae
Good chap. And finally some progress. It seems papa bones has atractted more to his cause XD. We need more papa bones interactions. Preferbly with either mashu davinci or olga... although i dont mind some hassan. Had been expecting king Hassan... but maybe later perhaps. I wood love to see mashu reactions to see more servants tied to her senpai/master...
3/25/2019 c9 superpierce
for the record in Fate Zero during his battle against Kiritsugu Kirei used the command seals he got from his father to increase the defense of his black keys this proves that command seals are able to be used to strengthen magecraft. and because they have their own energy they don't waste the od of those who they are branded on.
3/23/2019 c8 anonymous 101
best fanfic fate x overlord ever pleae write the next soon is so good I can't wait for read the next part of your story
3/25/2019 c9 DarkMastermc
perfect i love it please continue with the story
3/25/2019 c9 gerend
Well this is getting interesting
3/25/2019 c1 Akashi1412
This fic seems overestimating Ainz a lot
3/25/2019 c9 7Paxloria
Great chapter! Glad you updated!

Heh! It's kinda funny how Ainz assumes she's sad because of wounded pride at her touch not killing, rather than joy at FINALLY being able to touch someone without them dying in her arms.
She was probably pretty lonely during her mortal life.
3/25/2019 c9 Akuma-Heika
At least traditionally, EX rank served as both purposes of EX and *. Saber Alter in Stay Night for example had EX rank mana, which was effectively limitless, since she had a connection to the 3rd True Magic (and quite possibly Akasha). Your first definition for * is what had been used for EX rank, at least before Extra. I do not know if FGO retconned this though. It has retconned other things.
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