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3/13/2019 c7 Kane
So far this story has a lot of promise, good job.

I find it quite amusing that the oldest versions of Hades mythology, he didn't trick her into marriage. She found an entrance to the Underworld and decided that she didn't want to leave, and Hades didn't want to make her. Lol
3/13/2019 c7 Guest
realmente me gusto fue como un deseo la verdad me gustaría ver mas espero con ansias tu otro capitulo jejeje en verdad me muero por esperarlo :3
3/12/2019 c7 Guest
If we are following your logic in this fic
Then all the servant that has been summoned has the stats of Heroic spirits, which is far stronger then their servant counterpart
3/12/2019 c7 Ill
I can only imagine Gilgamesh being summoned by Ainz... a skeleton...
Although Ainz is OP, he still has the attitude of a company sla-*cough*... employee...
It should be a breeze for Ainz to clear the Singularities, but him having a vessel unable to hold on his admittedly godly powers looks like a challenge... an unnecessary challenge...
I wonder how will Albedo react to Olgo kissing Ainz? Did Ainz even modify her character?
Thanks for the chapter!
3/12/2019 c7 Guest
Lol, Da Vinci who try to save face or is trying to convince herself.
3/12/2019 c1 Guest
Mega gay dude
3/12/2019 c7 Guest
fou not four
3/14/2019 c7 HollowSeven
Huh. So...Was a bit dissapointed about how you have dealt with his body. Would have been better if he just could switch back and forth between them, but could only use his NP as Ainz. A bit of an OOC, to slow progression with the usless complications.
3/12/2019 c1 Guest
Gay go bacm to russia fag
3/12/2019 c7 Guest
If Albedo ever heard of that, Olga is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked.
3/14/2019 c5 Daniel-palacio
esto es verdaderamente bueno sin duda una buena historia que se respeta en verdad sigue así no te desanimes
3/13/2019 c7 1Chayner
This is so good. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
3/13/2019 c7 7Paxloria
I'm glad you updated!

You have some really REALLY good moments in here.
They are small, true, but also give the reader a feeling of signifagence and also felt like you managed to 'capture' the true selves of the character to.
Like that bit at the end where Olga got reminded & embarassed from the memory of that talk and the kiss.

Speaking of the kiss, wasn't that the FIRST kiss Ainz had since... Well, not in the game and did he ever date any girls when he was still human?

I can see that Ainz is going to need to get familiarized with how the magi Ranking system and try to learn a bit about their magic if possible.

Is Ainz there as a FULL Heroic Spirit, or did his status as an Undead Overlord cause him to have the 3rd True Magic (& why'd Da Vinci talk like that didn't exist earlier?) and ressurrect fully into the world?

Can Da vinci really make a D rank body around Ainz that won't get warn away by his power?
~ Would such a body be capable of MORE that just kissing?

Why do you keep calling that little dog "Four" when that is not its name?
There should not be an "r" in its name.
When you mentiond him in that first chapter I thout it was just a little mistake and ignored it, but since its in THIS chapter I can only think that YOU thing that is the cute animals name.
Your going to need to fix that.

I noticed a little ploblem.
Here's a direct quote to let you know where the problem spot is. its right after Da Vinci talks.

'"And that amount of mana..." After there words, all four of them sat at the table startled.'

At this point you started writting as if Ainz had returned instead of as if they were just remembering what the strength of his presence felt like.
You also wrote "sat" instead of "seated".
Just thought you should know.
3/12/2019 c7 LastPenis
aye, i agree with YuukiAsuna-Chan dont limit his fighting ability thats why people watch Overlord because his OPness
3/12/2019 c7 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Why bother with a body so limiting? It is pointless even using illusions when there are damn servants around that look weird anyway. I mean, Ainz looks no worse than King Hassan (Gramps).
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