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6/3 c159 Mr.X Gonna Give it to you
How would Angrboda interact with Aura,Mare and Aureole Omega since they're the only non-heteromorphs in Nazarick?
6/2 c159 sadanandsingh8555
Are there any Indian NPC in Yggdeasil ?
6/2 c144 Daimon Agafo
These strange Servants that seem to exist out of the Thorne of heroes are just there. - ошибка с Троном.
6/2 c159 3Maxsilverfish
Sasuga Ainz-sama!
6/2 c140 Daimon Agafo
Свершилось! Судя по прослеживающейся тенденции Ольга-Мари станет Первой. Первой поцеловала Айнза, первой переспала с ним, первой получит нормальные характеристики персонажа.
6/2 c137 Daimon Agafo
Эх, я бы хотел оказаться однажды в Иггдрассиле и Назарике с Момонгой хотя бы для того чтобы скрасить ему его одиночество пока его не перенесет в Новый Мир.
Подобное одиночество - пытка для души.
6/1 c135 Daimon Agafo
He would have to give that title to Peperoncino. - ошибка, товарищ Айнза превратился в пиццу:)). Peroroncino.
6/1 c159 Guest
Will Ainz give Olga the Horn of the Goblin General? I can see her meeting the conditions thanks to her classes.
5/31 c159 2ZeroRequiemGX
Ainz didn't only thinked outside the box, he literally went out the fucking continent and straight to another one just so he could loot that one for more goodies.
Ainz will soon use warrior perfect?.
I'm looking forward to that moment.
thanks for chapter.
5/31 c159 ShotoToshiro
thanks for the chapter
5/31 c159 1Zamscott
if Ainz and Solomon fought again, will Ainz finally use his more high tier summons that are free?
5/31 c159 Nechroz
Love how Ainz's answer is basically "well, I'm going looting, see ya"
5/31 c159 1DanlorD
Suerte de Momonga
Clasificación: SSS MAX
5/31 c159 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon.
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