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7/14 c163 BulanFebruari
Lol. Look at Ainz casually commiting a robbery XD
7/14 c163 Guest
Oh the irony. Love the comedy of the series.
7/14 c163 Freetimedude77
7/14 c162 13fg7dragon
Lancel is Emiya Shirou. Because the whole Nasuverse seems to revolve around him for some reason.
7/14 c163 njgronlund
OoOoOoFf. XD
7/14 c163 Zero
He is just tearing apart the clocktower without even trying.

7/14 c162 sebas2004halo
Have you read the Overlord Bonus Volume, and if so, what did you think?
7/11 c21 Prometheus-777
Out of curiosity, if using Time Stop and True Death is enough to kill the final boss level Demon God Pillar in human disguise, Lev, then how come Momonga isn't using it to kill every single enemy he and his allies encounter? It makes it seem like he's wasting his and his allies time by taking things slow. He has already proven that even Lev can drop Data Crystals when killed this way, so it's not like he will lost out on loot. And it's kit like you stated any clear drawbacks to using Time Stop and True Death for his to feel dissuaded in repeated exploits of this skill combo... So why doesn't he? It not like it was stated that there was along charge time and long cooldown period either... In fact it seemed he pulled off Time Stop and True Death with such effortless ease as to make one wonder why he isn't using both of those spells or one or the other each time he goes into combat.

Furthermore, Time Stop alone can be used to scout an entire singularity and mark the each enemy with True Death so that when time restarts they all instantly die. He could even just simply steal the enemy Holy Grail just like that...
7/11 c20 Prometheus-777
Hmm... first True Death with Lev and now Saber Alter instantly identifying Berserker Lancelot... Hmm... First of all, you can only truly kill the Goetia Demon Gods by erasing them like how it happened. Because as it was explained in the game even instant kill abilities were meaningless. Every time you kill a D mon God it just revives simply because the concept of 72Dmein Gods exists. And as such, there must always be 72at every single time. The only reason they failed to revive was because Solomon/Dr Romani, released his last Noble Phantasm as basically erased himself as all his earthly works were completed. This is like giving Tiamat the concept of death as she cant die otherwise as long as even the tiniest lifeform exists. I mean, even Servants with instant kill NPs like Cursed Arm or King Hassan were in the Throne of Time and the still couldn't permanently kill Goetia. If Lev is truly gone in this story then that just seems like you just broke the canon if the Goetia as an entity that always exists as 72 at all times.

As for Lancelot, I don't believe Salter should have easily identified him without Lancelot using his sword that cancels out his form identity concealment, For Someone's Glory.

At this rate the everyone in your story will be able to remember Jack the Ripper Assassin even though she has Information Erasure that was able to bypass space-time and erase memories and computer data in Chaldea as Romani says in the London singularity.. I sure hope I'm wrong and that these were just accidents but... it will be sad to see all these changes without a proper explanation...
7/10 c162 Nechroz
Hell yeah, we got some war coming up
7/9 c89 TheRightPrice
Blackbeard in this chapter is glorious
7/9 c88 TheRightPrice
Achilles is an absolute Chad this chapter.
7/8 c162 Zero
Bunyan is gold comedy material.
7/8 c162 slydino
Wonderful chapter. Great job and keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/7 c162 Guest
When Ainz revived Olga, was it similar to how neia was revive?Like she lost some classes but gained better ones.
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