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7/7 c81 TheRightPrice
Will Olga ever receive the character development to realize that she's been terribly abusive to Roman, a man who has treated her kindly and tried to be a friend to her for years? Honestly, after the meltdown she had in this chapter it's clear that she's been so abusive and shitty towards him not because of anything he did but because her father liked him. It's hard to imagine how you can continue to have Ainz ignore this problem. Given his own background, his views on family and friendship, and his new views on the nature of his relationships with his servants and Chaldea colleagues, it doesn't make sense that he would passivly ignore Olga's verbal and physical abuse of Roman. I really don't see Ainz accepting this behavior from her anymore, either as one friend abusing another or as a boss abusing their subordinate.
7/7 c162 BulanFebruari
7/7 c162 Paint 21
Can Ainz use dark wisdom to absorbed the knowledge of magic, helping him with basic magic knowledge and maybe learn new spells or will it not work for spells other then tier magic?
7/7 c162 Goblin5013
Could Ainz summon himself or one of his current Servants from one of the new Legends/Myths he created?
7/6 c137 Guest
Your obsession with Ainz is absurd, though an empathetic character he is, his but a pitiful human living in a pitiful world with his only way to cope through the very game that ended with him reminiscing about his history with his friends and the adventures they had. He is powerful, yes, but he is not omnipotent.
7/6 c162 sadanandsingh8555
If a tiger from New World has offense stat of 9 and capable of 1000 psi of strength , doesn't that make it an E ranked servent ? After all , a tiger can easily destroy a human skull with his palm alone.
7/6 c162 Maheshvara10
Super awesome Chapter. Discription of Power of Karna difference between him and Angrboda was perfectly written. Your writing style is awesome. Thanks for Update
7/6 c162 Freetimedude77
Thanks for the update.
7/6 c71 TheRightPrice
Why do you keep having characters refer to Medusa's sisters actions as a betrayal? They are Servants and as such are literally forced by magical compulsion to obey their Master. There's no betrayal in a slave being forced to do something by their slave master, especially when fucking magical control seals are involved. It's particularly out of character for Ainz to take out his anger on slaves who don't have a choice in their actions; as his actions towards elf slaves in the LN Worker arc demonstrate.
7/6 c66 TheRightPrice
So Ainz is brutally torturing Medusa's sister for the crime of being controlled by command seals and being forced to participate in Medusa's temporary death? He consideres it a betrayal that she was forced by Baal ,through what is basically magical mind control/enslavement, to do so this? How does this make any sense to him?
7/6 c162 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon.
7/6 c162 Captain Snickety
I mean, Lancel strikes me as one of the Twelve Virtues deprived of any Authority. Bunyan is adorable, honestly; I'm rooting for her to win a spot in the post-Singularity summoning! Glad as always to read more of this story, even if I don't always leave my thoughts here.

Out of curiosity, which Beast would Angrboda be most likely to incarnate as? I was thinking II or IV, but it's kind of up in the air to be honest.

Thanks for the chapter, and looking forward to the next!
7/5 c54 TheRightPrice
Author, an Overlord is not the highest form of undead. It's the highest form of SKELETAL undead. There's a big difference between the two statements.
7/4 c161 NoxMillien
Will the first demon emperor Lucifer be summoned? , it would be interesting to have more demon emperors of yggdrasil before the solomon singularity, and also all of them interacting with nobunaga.
7/3 c161 mrgoldman
Would a rider ainz ride albedo?
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