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6/28 c161 sadanandsingh8555
Do you know that Evil Lord Wrath can raise his stats like damage and defense on the basis of hate points ?
Now such a demon lord fight against Servants and raise his stats continuously , who could beat him ?
6/27 c161 Zero
I cant wait for the moment the clocktower meet ainz !
6/23 c161 Mr.X Gonna Give it to you
Is Lancel important for Arc 1 or are you setting him up for the far future?
Is the knowledge on how to make demi-servants, like Mashu, important enough to keep in the secret archives?
If Ainz were to summon Shub-Niggurath as a Servant via grail would all her parameters be * ?
6/23 c161 Just a guy
Will Ainz summons such as death knight and soul eater be stronger from the legends that existed in the new world that say they can single Handedly destroy a country?
6/23 c161 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon.
6/22 c161 hermitfan
Will ainz not be confused all the time in the future
6/22 c161 Guest
Wait, how the fuck is there no Solomon if they have David? Did Yggdrasil only have Abrahamic heroes from certain periods or something, or were the demon kings there simply too strong to control in such a manor? If that were the case, how insane would Solomon from Yggdrasil be...?
6/22 c161 Guest
Is there gonna be a reaction from the magus ? You know like Ainz just finish reading and decides to look everything know that is fixed and because of that he activates and alarm and know he has to deal with an horde of magus that attacks him and that later want to learn from him after seeing one of the spells he has.
6/22 c161 Nechroz
suck on that you furry fucker
6/22 c161 Maheshvara10
awesome chapter
6/22 c161 5AinzNamikazeD
Would it be possible for Ainz to be summoned as a ruler in a holy grail way? Due to his lack of desires surrounding the grail besides possibly collecting it?
6/22 c161 Artelsstreimt
I'm disappointed that there he won't even meet a wizard and he would have tried to kill him, break all his pride, leave him very traumatized... you know what one usually sees in the original overlord series, well it still amused me as Edison's furry refused to leave his pride and went against the empowered mother who hit him getting away with it, I made up for it a little more, I really liked the chapter because it all started and a question "Lancel knows Aiko? "
6/22 c44 Freetimedude77
Ainz would be an absolute nightmare in Olympus LB.

For the Gods will know the true meaning of Despair!
6/18 c160 Zero
Im starting to think one thing...
Is lancel Zeltrech in disguise?
Is lancel the Alien god in disguise ?
Is lancel Shinji matou in disguise?
6/18 c159 Zero
Now i remember why Nursery Rhyme is one of my favorite characters.
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