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12/12/2020 c13 Lestat77071989
Not gonna lie I don't care how much of a friend you are. If you start treating me as a lab rat, I'd lunch you into next week. Also somebody tell that authority loving, mostly dysfunctional, hypocritical, goody two-shoes to go the hell out of this story fuck you very much hermione.
11/23/2020 c10 WTF
What a load of cow crap...
11/16/2020 c6 Cain Dubois
lol this entire concept is shit
11/16/2020 c5 Cain Dubois
stupid b-word forced him to have a bottle baby and die for it. fuck that
11/16/2020 c36 4FellForTheLatinCharm
Oh, my dear! Did it end? I was eagerly scrolling away and patiently reaching the end of the story so I could leave a final review expressing my gratitude at having found such a wonderful story, but it ends?
Oh My, are you a gem! This was truly marvellous, the feelings were quite strong during this one. Somehow the transition from being War Hero Harry Potter to one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes was splendid. Though I wished you had written Steve a little more elaborately. That's alright. He's still a teddy bear, one that could crush your bones, but hey!
Harry was always a bit daft. But him accepting his true parentage expressed his impenetrable iron will. I love how you had Ron and Hermione remain true to their own selves.
Everyone in this fanfic were awesome and for the lack of a better word...Superb.
You gained a fan and a follower. I'll be reading your other stories from now on.
11/15/2020 c19 FellForTheLatinCharm
I've been reading at a light speed for the last couple of chapters, but Harry and his stupid mouth got me to at least review it once.
Great baby! Just GREAT!
11/9/2020 c13 NathanielTheCat
I get the feeling this version of Harry has never said no to anyone. Like holy shit, he's a doormat.
11/9/2020 c36 lara.niric
While I enjoyed the first half of the story a lot more because of it's slower pace and better character development I still ended up liking the story as a whole. Sure there are a lot of things that could have been done more in depth but in the end it turned out pretty good (I meand in stead of only speeding the story up at the half way point it could have been so much worse). All in all a good fanfiction.
11/4/2020 c36 adamzzzz
OK so conceptually I liked the story. the starting idea i enjoyed. However, you lost me with skipping any character development/relationship building with a very casual half sentence. per your storyline Harry never even interacts with Tony until after the battle of New York but Tony has a room for him? you may have tossed a side comment about him earlier but it was not earned.

I think up until Harry had his first conversation with Peggy you were doing very well. after that you just ham fisted the concepts you wanted into place to finish the second half of the story when I felt like the Peggy and Harry scene really could have been barely completing the first arc of your story. You could have used an extended time with Peggy and the kidnapping scene to show more of Harry's defining traits

You missed some early Shield mission opportunities to build the Natasha and Harry teasing if you had Harry play an overwatch role covering Natasha during Iron man 2. that would also have solved the issue of introducing Harry and Tony.
10/25/2020 c17 koci.joana93
they need all this team...for a muggle? Dude...
10/3/2020 c36 22Shinobi Gatana
Good story. One complaint... I did not see one mention of Avengers Assemble! The staple of the Avengers throughout history. Yes, a bit of a fanboy (haha), but seriously, overall, great job.
10/2/2020 c22 3RyanMK666
Love this story but, Harry being mind controlled? Someone who is immune to it? That’s sort of thrown me off I won’t lie...
9/17/2020 c2 Obstrocity
God... you had him born from pre-serum Steve?! Talk about the worst genes ever. Not sure where it can go from here, thats a pretty heavy setback.
9/11/2020 c36 Cra2yG18
An amazing story! I've always like MoD Harry crossovers with the Avengers
9/1/2020 c2 Guest
i'm disappointed you made harry get smaller and thinner when the glamour wore off. That doesn't make sense to me as muscles are muscles and harry's should reflect what he's been doing with them all his life, plus his growth should not have been affected by a superficial glamour.
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