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for Is It Wrong To Crawl My Way Back Home, One Dungeon Floor At A Time?

11h c13 whyisthisappsoconfusing
All I'm waiting for is John, to nonchalantly stab his hand into a monster, and rip the magic stone out, preferably in front of someone new (maybe first time meeting each other) and maybe even as it's about to jump on said person.
9/10 c14 NotSerious4Fun
Well done
9/9 c9 NotSerious4Fun
5? Allotable Excalia or 1 to all stats. I don’t understand
9/9 c11 NotSerious4Fun
His MP went up by FIFTY percent. He has 200ish in his skills. I don’t understand what you are doing with Excalia. It should be 100 and it would still be shit.
9/9 c11 NotSerious4Fun
How is 10 excalia in anyway a game changer rather than permanently upgrading his stats. Excalia goes up to 999.
9/9 c10 NotSerious4Fun
This made me hate bell lol
9/9 c10 NotSerious4Fun
Why would he ever choose anything other than a trait? The Excalia is completely uselessness, that is gained by simply fighting in the dungeon and it’s such a low amount
9/2 c6 RyuuyaOoguro
I'm surprised they're still alive! Judging by the amount of death flags they triggered, they should be dead a couple times over!
9/1 c12 frankiebayer2002
This is great plz update soon
8/27 c14 TheWatcher000
This is my second time reading this story, and man am I happy I did. I thought that stories for Danmachi were going out, then I found yours. This story has quickly made its way into one of my favorites. One of the reasons why is the interactions that the MC has with everyone around him. And that is one thing that I love about this story, interactions with people not well known. I would love to see John interact with more people, whether they be gods or mortals. Overall, I think this story is well written, and flows quite well. Some parts are a little jarring with POV switches, but they add an element to the story of an outsiders perspective to John, and other machinations. I am very interested to see where this Gamer element will go, now that more secrets/quests are revealed to John. Sad to see this story freeze for a few months, but I hope you come back around to it, as I am clearly not the only one that wants to see this story grow. Best of luck to you in this hiatus and hope to see more soon.
8/26 c14 Guest
Moar Plz!
8/20 c14 DeliciousFriedRice
Fun fact, there exist, as of the moment this comment is being written, a brand of headphones called Onikuma exist, just so you know.
8/20 c10 zachariahm
Very much not a fan of how the ambush arc ended. If I want to see people fall to shounen protagonist friendship speeches and see them forgive the people that tried to kill them for petty reasons, I would go read a shounen manga. Instead of acting intelligently, our MC decided to seriously risk his life and the life of one of the few people he cares about for scum. This doesn't make me hopeful for a potential future Lili arc, I'm now afraid we'll see the same selfless response of treating someone who robbed them and tried to kill them with undying support.
8/19 c12 Pedro52
8/19 c10 Pedro52
simplemnte maravilhoso
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