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10/20/2019 c5 3ShadowTomes
This is lovely.
7/3/2019 c5 Gaia
This was adorable, so true to the story and the original characters! I could picture my own dragonborn going through this entire process before finally marrying Vilkas! Great job, hope to read more :)
3/29/2019 c5 Guen
a very great great and beautiful story with characters that i loved so much! Hope to see them again in the future!
3/29/2019 c4 Guen
ahhhh the amulet of Mara ,yes,yeees!
3/29/2019 c3 Guen
so nice so nice! that was a kiss! :D
3/29/2019 c2 Guen
:) such a beautiful story and a lovable Vilkas! My grumpy wolf! Love him so much!
3/5/2019 c5 Manu
: D I knew that Alba loved Vilkas, and her natural shyness and inexperience did not help her to understand that the poor strong warrior was inevitably overwhelmed by her! ! That amulet has really joined two lovers ! so happy and I hope to see something again on these two ! I also loved the advice of farkas for the brother !
3/4/2019 c5 Nina
I think I understood everything that happened to Alba and maybe even her little detour with the other men ! moreover, perhaps she did not think that what Vilkas felt for her was really love! but they are really two characters that I adore in this story! Thanks for this you made my day brilliant! I hope to hear again of Vilkas and Alba! 3
3/3/2019 c4 6Constipated Genius
Ohhhhhh the woes and ups and downs of relationships... but real talk? Farkas, despite being - by design - the simplest of any of the companions, is somehow just the friggin BEST. Just... I dunno, maybe it has to do with his simple soul, choice in words, or how he doesn't really do much besides be a straight-forward honorable Companion, but... I like him. Especially here, since he's Vilkas' brother. Speaking of Vilkas, yayyyyy! He and Alba are trading cutesy gifts! Even if one's subject matter is genocide, at least it's suitable and meaningful reading material to a Nord like Vilkas. Anywho... I'm looking forward to seeing how this all ends up, since the finale's coming up!

Stoked for the finale;
~Constipated Genius~
3/3/2019 c3 Constipated Genius
Wooooooops! Forgot to read this chapter when it went live. Oh well! Time to read it anyway! Also, no need to thank me lol XD. But as for this chapter? Just like all the others. Short, sweet, to the point, but once that point arrived... it carried that 'oomph' with it just like any other story you've written - or are writing, in "The Return's" case. It's never occurred to me until now just how much of an utterly tragic drought of good romantic Elder Scrolls content is on this site - but then again, that's the case with every fandom, so I'll eagerly continue binge-reading these two chapters. Not only due to its subject matter, but the fact this mush is just awesome in general.

~Constipated Genius~
3/3/2019 c4 Nina
many words not said in the end, which leads you to want to scream at them! Alba can not have been insensitive to Vilkas until now and certainly not in seeing him hurt and with a Mara amulet ! her amulet! I hope everything will be revealed in the next chapter but I'm already in tension! XD
3/3/2019 c4 Guest
Oh my, and now?
3/2/2019 c3 Nina
Oh this was a kiss Vilkas, and she is strong but so sweet in this
3/1/2019 c3 Nina
I sensed that Alba still had to go to Sovngarde! She was nice to go to Vilkas, between the two there is really good relationship! Vilkas is now completely overwhelmed by his Harbinger! ahahah ! :) The story of the companions is too much for Alba and for all ! XD and it's true Aela inspires terror sometimes! ahaha! Vilkas knows he is a little grouchy but he is absolutely adorable in his way of wanting to do something to make Alba feel lighter! The kiss was warm this time! and I think Alba was happy! the final hug is worth more than many words!
2/28/2019 c2 Guest
how much time is left for the next ? ahh Vilkas
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