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2/27/2019 c2 Sonia
oh it was amazing! Vilkas is so overwhelming in his desire to follow and help this woman, but always with his rational reasoning! but he is also a passionate warrior and I believe that this fire will help Alba to get out of the shadow of that mask! The kiss was really cute, embarrassing, but tender! 3
2/27/2019 c2 Nina
vilkas is adorable in his serious and devoted way to his Harbinger, and I like his restlessness in this! Poor Alba, I think she did not wait for Vilkas' kiss offer! It was lovely! I think that the two of them not has forgotten that moment! I hope this girl finds herself! After all, it is Alba who gives strength to the Dragonborn! Hope thta Vilkas will manage to take that mask away from her ! I wonder why she do not talk to him! but she does not want to avoid him, otherwise he would not be on a mission with her!
2/27/2019 c2 11The Aberrant One
Interesting version of the Dragonborn you got here. And, when you lay out her back story (at least what you've revealed so far), it makes sense and it is kind of realistic. I've seen people who actually act that way because of the strict and rigid upbringing that has emotionally and psychologically crippled them right on up to their adulthood. Some of those behavioral habits, triggers, and responses are hard to change or break.

Side note here: Having been born and raised in deeply religious family (I was a preacher's kid) and raised in a strict and sheltered environment, I can relate and...newsflash...the damage can take years to overcome. Thankfully I had some help in getting over that (and it was kind of funny when I talked to other people who I considered to be deeply religious and they would tell me that my father was insane had gone off the deep end).

Hopefully, Alba will be able to open up a bit more later on in your story and I'm curious to see where you go with this.

Another side note...Alba kind of reminds me of a heroic version of Apollyon from the game "For Honor"...except not as bloodthirsty, crazy, and not evil (not sure if you know who I'm talking about, but I'm sure you'd be able find more than a few scenes on YouTube).
2/26/2019 c2 6Constipated Genius
So! Ok, even though this thing is only 5 chapters imma love it with all my heart anyway. Why? Because Vilkas gets to keep being wise in his own way while still being the emotionally distant oaf we all know and love him to be. Oh, and his musing about warriors just getting drunk and beating up one another to work out their differences? Perfectly encapsulates the bonkers spirit of warrior tropes in Skyrim, I loved it. Now, Alba? I do wonder where things will be going with her... maybe to do with the fact Alduin's unkillable, or the fact the dragons are leaderless without Paarthurnax... it's mysterious, but not in an annoying way, since this fic's pace ain't that slow as to make it annoying.

Oh, and that kiss? Mush but awkward mush. Well done!

Running out of ways to be clever;
~Constipated Genius~

PS: Kodlack is actually spelled Kodlak, I believe. Also, when Alba says "imaginary demons" there a forgotten period there.
2/25/2019 c1 Sonia
So fantastic, I love so much Vilkas in this
2/24/2019 c1 Nina
waiting for sure for the second part! this two are right in my heart now!
2/24/2019 c1 Guest
Very well written. Fairly short, but for fan fiction you could consider it a masterpiece compared to some of the other indecipherable texts that are written for fandoms. I would be very glad to read more from this author.
2/24/2019 c1 Guest
ah this is so nice and love Vilkas there and your DB is wonderful,strong but so vulnerable! And hope for her a very wonderful love at the ebd!
2/24/2019 c1 Constipated Genius
Oh, poor Alba... poor, poor Alba... I know this is gonna be a doozy of a fic considering its all already written out, and likely a slow burn but god dangit if this doesn't ring of capturing the essence of Skyrim but turning it into a romance. And what's more - yeah, Vilkas *is* the ice-brain in this situation. Funny - he's the smartest of the companions bar the player in-game, and yet is completely inept when it comes to reading social cues. Oh, and Alba being idiosyncratic with the mask and everything? That was utterly adorable, even though it probably wasn't meant to be.

Hype to see how Vilkas realizes he's a dummy;
~Constipated Genius~

PS: "If the intention of the mask was to intimate" - I think you meant "intimidate" XD
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