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7/29 c174 Lulutbo
Did you ever post a sequel for this? Love this story!
6/24 c175 1cocoapurl
Lovely story. :)
6/11 c175 13earthbound angel 24
This has got to be one of the funniest stories I have ever read. A constant laugh (that usually ends in a hacking, wheezing cough) from start to finish.
I will definitely be checking out your other stories.
6/8 c175 BethMasenCullen
OMG this was awesome and fun and funny from start to finish! I will never look at a creepy doll or a trash panda the same way again! lol
6/8 c171 BethMasenCullen
Awwwwww... puppy! lol!
6/8 c168 BethMasenCullen
Emmett better watch what he says about the dolls lol
6/8 c167 BethMasenCullen
Poor Carlisle!
6/8 c166 BethMasenCullen
Aw, I love Aunt Maggie!
6/8 c165 BethMasenCullen
Did Edward pull a Christian Grey and buy the house already? lol
6/8 c163 BethMasenCullen
Blood oath LOLOLOLOL!
6/8 c162 BethMasenCullen
I love the dartboard-assisted wedding planning! "People can sit wherever the fuck they want." LOL!
6/8 c160 BethMasenCullen
I love all of these characters so much!
6/8 c149 BethMasenCullen
I'm sad that Esme can't see how happy Edward is with Bella...
6/8 c134 BethMasenCullen
omg Emmett and Bella are the best of BFFs lol
6/8 c128 BethMasenCullen
I love Edward's persistence!
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