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for A Quarian meets 4 super powered girls What could go wrong?

7/22/2022 c5 9Alastor Grimm-Rose
This is an interesting story and I would love to see more of it
5/22/2022 c1 Steven
5/14/2022 c5 Steven
More chapter's. I like this story.
4/3/2022 c5 ElleMelMarta
1. Yes, Asari are all biotics. Other races become biotics by being exposed to element zero while in their mother's womb, but the element zero could also do nothing or give them tumors.
2. You left out the fact that the Turians made first contact with the rest of the galaxy during the Krogan Rebellions. It was also their roll in using the Genophage that got them a seat on the Council.
1/8/2020 c5 ranjira1988
interesting story .. I wonder will RWBy get to travel space? are Remnant and Earth different worlds ?
this seems to take place before Earth was found if they are ... anyway I hope to read more of this soon _
9/11/2019 c5 1Glrasshopper
An interesting take on a difficult crossover. Now that the foundation is set, I'm looking forward to what will happen when a planet-bound culture is let loose in the ME world. Especially a culture with proof of the supernatural.

I can just imagine: "Hello Mr false god leviathan, let me introduce you to a real god" or maybe an STG report; "Efforts to weaponize species Beowolf has met with further failure. Subjects 195-3 and 195-7 were forcibly terminated after rejecting Batarian slave inhibitors and consuming research team. Recommend review of safety protocols prior to experiment number 196. Requisition already filed for increased numbers of heavy weaponry."

Noe for the constructive part. The massive info dumps are a bit offputting, but I can see that they are there to give the readers a crash course on what they may not know from the opposite 'verse. Perhaps break it up a bit for your next story, or do what a lot of ME fanfic authors do and append codex entries to each chapter.

Also, be wary of flashbacks that don't need to be flashbacks. They tend to break the flow of the story.
8/23/2019 c5 Gabriel443
Please ubdate all your histories are gud.
4/16/2019 c2 Guest
. . . And then they take him out of his suit 'cause they arrogantly think they can perform medical aid for him and he gets sick and dies. The end.
3/14/2019 c5 Guest
So are Humans the superior species considering they have gods who can vaporize anyone who angers them. Also what does this make Earth Humanity? Are the creations of the brothers as well or evolved naturally?
3/8/2019 c5 Za Warudo
I just binged the 5 chapters that are out and I love this concept. No one uses this kind of idea! With how you write it I'd be really interested to see you write more like this, with other Mass Effect species like the Turians. I'm really liking how you made this Quarian. Keep up the great work!
3/7/2019 c5 1ArchAngel319
Thanks ME1905 for another awesome chapter. I loved a lot of stuff in this chapter going from admiral Raan interactions to team rwby's reactions to the mass effect races. The only thing that didn't seem to fit right to me was the migrant fleets quick willingness to release the discovery of Remnant and humanity to the rest of the council. Usually you see a bit of resentment the migrant fleet has towards the council, and so I'm a little surprised that the fleet wouldn't want to be the first ones to make a official first contact, and a few deals with humanity before announcing remnants existence to the council. I guess we will find out in the future. Thanks again for another awesome chapter, and as always have fun writing.
3/4/2019 c4 Guest
A lot can go wrong apparently...starting with this fic. Why get my hopes up and then crush it with this crap?
3/5/2019 c4 Kilare T'suna
Did you accidentally reposted ch.4?
3/5/2019 c2 4PhoenixClaw2128
Well the biggest issue I had with this chapter was just the Walls of Text you had to explain some of the lore of Remnant. Just split those up a bit more in the future.

And as for lore explanations, they are good for people that have only played Mass Effect but haven’t watched RWBY, and vice versa for lore about Mass Effect. However, maybe it’s more of a personal preference, but lore being explained in text and not dialogue can seem a bit tacky. Like I said, maybe others like the lore being explained through text, but I personally believe, in crossover stories especially, that it should usually be done with dialogue.

Like, instead of explaining history through a paragraph of text, have Talo ask about the planet he’s on, maybe to Ozpin or something, so THEN both the readers AND Talo get the lore. Of course, since it’s already done you don’t have to go back and change it or anything, but I just believe it makes more sense like that. See my Pokémon and RWBY crossover, instead of explaining the lore of remenant right when the characters touch down, they instead learn it from Ozpin in chapter three, while also giving the lore of the pokémon world back to him, an equal exchange of information, to make the exposition flow more smoothly.
3/5/2019 c1 PhoenixClaw2128
Well, a few things. That nevermore seems a bit big. I’m pretty sure the smallest ships in the flotilla would be at least the same size, since the nevermore from the initiation was about the size of a semi. Another thing, author notes in the middle of the chapter, the things you put in brackets like (oh how that’ll change Talo,) can really bring a reader out of the story. Like breaking the fourth wall, if done well it can be good, but it’s not even being done by a character, instead by the writer, and it’s… I suppose it shows how much you love both franchise because you’re obviously excited that you’re putting your two-cents in mid-chapter, but it’s still kind of awkward to read. It really breaks up the flow you get going. I would suggest getting rid of those and maybe putting them in the Author Notes at the end of the chapter.

Other than that, your story looks pretty good so far. I think I’ll enjoy reading the rest of the chapters. I don’t care that, like you said, there would be some harem elements, besides the fact that you can’t even see a Quarian’s face unless on Rannoch or they’ve taken a shit-load of Antibiotics. But it is your story, so small changes won’t bother me that much, I suppose.
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