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for Heir to the Alpha - The Queen and the Flame

4/21/2019 c12 RandomFan
I was wondering about a strange gronkle/razorwhip hybrid named Sula who looks like a razorwhip made of translucent dark green crystals and relies entirely on pearls and metal to survive and, as a result of the strange diet and hybrid dna , has the oddd but useful ability to cry diamonds. She relies entirely on her spiny exterior and resistance towards both extreme warmth and freezing cold because she cannot breath any sort of fire or lava. The jewels are first partially melted and start out with a texture like clear slime and then harden. She usually spreads the jewels over her scales to act as a sort of layer of protection, making spines of diamond over her most vulnerable spots. She is often hunted by Vikings due to the value of her jewels and scales, and light shining through her scales intensifies to the point of starting small fires. Light shining through the jewels she produces, however, does not, so she gives up this ability when she coats herself in diamond tears. She is rather quiet and timid, and she can be quite elusive due to the fur on the bottom of her feet that softens her footsteps and also her ability to blend in with the trees. She doesn’t have much to hear from most insects and animals, since she secretes a sweet liquid from two small holes on the sides of her neck that
4/18/2019 c12 RandomFan
Also, one thing about night furies isn’t possible: their nickname. Electricity and death cannot have a child. Lightning is not a living thing. The closest you could get to their nickname is a whispering death/skrill hybrid, and that wouldn’t be likely to have the result of a night fury. A skrill covered from the top of its head to the tip of its tail in spines, maybe. But not for no apparent reason there’s a night fury as a result of that. I don’t know why I am saying this because this is pretty unrelated to the chapter since they didn’t talk about nicknames just names, but why do Vikings think that that is possible? Also, maybe you could just suddenly for no reason get bananas involved in the story? Fruit is amazing
4/17/2019 c12 RandomFan
Hi! I just wanted to offer another random character: A monsterous nightmare that is randomly a bright sort of neon green and cannot control his fire, his name could be Lantern (I don’t know why it just sounds right) and he would’ve been killed at birth if it hadn’t been for Hookfang. Also sorry if all the dragons I am offering sound like they all have the same backstory, I am kinda obsessed with the release from boring reality fiction and fanfiction gives: drama, action, terror, passion, romance, agony, betrayal, sorrow, meaning, etc. and I sometimes go too far in character backstories. If you don’t like their backstories you can change them. Lantern has bright yellow horns with black tips, eye-scorchingly vibrant green scales, and golden eyes that are slightly unnaturally wide. He is kind of secretive, and mostly just hides himself under a mask of confidence that is really obviously not real.

Also I was wondering if I could ask a few weird questions:

Do you prefer ice cream or gelato? I am trying to see if I am not alone in my weird preference.

Do you prefer whipped cream or fresh fruit? Again trying to see if I am not alone.

Do you look at a tarantula and think, “Awwww look how fluffy it is!” and then feel kinda embarrassed for thinking that? Same reason as first two, I don’t want to be alone in everything.

Do you sometimes feel like no one is real, like our whole world is a simulation and we are too? Same reason as first three.

Do you sometimes randomly feel like you are suddenly lacking emotion? Same reason as before.

Would you rather live off of raw fish as a human or eat a raw fish as a human in public while growling? This one is just because why not ask a totally unrelated question and you do not have to answer. Actually you don’t have to answer any of these questions if they are too out of place. I won’t mind because I can be really awkward and weird sometimes.
4/15/2019 c12 RandomFan
Also, I was wondering about something- the abused daughter of the Queen, whenever she tries to interact with ANYBODY except her mother the Queen threatens to destroy her. She is a brilliant shade of teal with bright golden eyes and spines. She looks a lot different than her biological mother, more like a spiny changewing with the head of a spiny night fury, but has inherited one personality trait: ferocity. If you threaten those who she has grown close to, she will not let you “make up” for threatening their lives. She will never let it go if she feels that someone is “threatening” her “pack”, which is mainly one terrible terror that she manages to meet in secret. She is willing, however, to make exceptions when night furies get involved. For her, the one strict rule in life is never, ever, EVER harm a night fury/light fury or the ones close to it. What she lacks in size and weight she makes up in the fact that each scale on her body has the ability to tilt upwards, revealing blade like scales. She is vulnerable to gold and silver, and she cannot touch either without requiring mint to counteract the effects that could end her life. She is not very obedient to the Queen and doesn’t have any affection for her despite the fact that the Queen is her mother. She almost hates the Queen and kind of scares the rest of the Nest in her anger, though not intentionally. Sometimes it is as though she knows the name of her mother only to take out her anger saying things to her mother’s statues like, “See, (the Queen’s name). I spoke the language of humans. I traveled Berk unfazed by arrows. I freed a changewing from the traps of a Viking. I did more than you ever could, Mom. You can’t control my life anymore. You have no power over my life.” The young dragon will try to sound spiteful, but it always comes out like she is trying to convince not the others but herself that she’s not going to have to go back to a life of fear and pain and tears- that she won’t be left behind again, that she is capable of keeping this new life. She doesn’t keep up her facade very well, and oftentimes people get a glimpse at the dragon inside- insecure, always frightened, overprotective, possessive, not nearly as fiery and bitter as she tries to pretend to be. Her name is Asha, a name without meaning. She often fears that the reason her name is without meaning is because to the Queen, her life is meaningless. She fears that she was “never meant to exist” and often finds herself desiring pain just to make sure that everything is real. She cannot breathe fire, her only ability is a venom that erases memories of her self from the minds of her victims. Even that requires several stings, so she relies mostly just on her spiny exterior.
4/15/2019 c12 RandomFan
Basically, the deathsong/razorwhip hybrid’s price to pay for her strange voice is that she is vulnerable to iron. She cannot touch it or it will poison her and the only known cure is pure dragon root. The stormrider shares this weakness, as well as a vulnerable spot on her tail and difficulty flying slow. This causes a stormrider to crash into a lot of cliffs. Stormriders also are quite unusually colored so it is rare for them to be able to hide in a forest or desert, and they are easily thrown about by wind due to their light weight. Also, sorry for posting a billion reviews it might be a bit too much... hehehe. Also, a gronkle who cannot digest rocks or jewels other than: marble, obsidian, topaz, granite, basalt, andesite, diorite, and limestone. Her lava is, as a result of the fact that she does include topaz in her diet, quite high in silica. This causes her lava to be somewhat explosive when exposed to changewing acid. Maybe an sentinel that was given sight at the price of resistance to plasma, who has shimmering jewel-like scales and is too small and slender to be anything other an a hinder in battle. Also, I don’t mind whether or not you use original characters, just don’t turn the dragons into demons! ️ And as for the title of the story I was hoping that you would adopt, I am not certain yet. Possibly “Shadowmarked” or “Shadeborn” or “Shadecursed” but you can use other titles, I won’t mind. And perhaps you could use a character for a fiction or fanfiction- a girl raised by wolves, malnourished and ill from eating raw fish and other things. She cannot speak, she only knows the language of wolves and is known to be rather territorial. She may be rather small, but she is quite fierce and actually manages to terrify most dragons. Her name when translated into the language of humans is “Ora” meaning venom. Her parents died in a fire, but she was taken in by various wild creatures- including a speed stinger. She knows just where to put pressure on anything’s throat to cause them to fall unconscious, and just where to attack to send her attackers running away and screaming in pain. She doesn’t usually attack, but will if she needs to get away. Even a screaming death thinks twice before attacking this little spitfire if they know her. Also, I don’t mind what you do with the fanfic about the dragon girl and the dna issue. You can literally do anything with it and I won’t mind at all. Also writing can be really difficult, I know this because the books I am attempting to write on paper keep getting erased and rewritten, there isn’t any need to apologize for difficulty writing a whole chapter in one week. Anyways I don’t want to make this comment too long, once again sorry for the comment overload.
4/10/2019 c12 10Thedyingjokepastaway
(Currently on a rampage for HTTYD fics lol)

Omg I love this fic! I swear I read everything (yes even the ANs and notices) on about an hour or so. I really like that idea of Toothless translating for every dragon that speaks with Hiccup (gosh that feels weird, in the French version his name’s Harold, quite the difference here). That makes me wonder, could he try and talk to the queen before actually killing her? It’d be nice seeing what YOU as the author would give her as motivations for what she’s done so far as well as why the news of a human bonding to a dragon as affected her so greatly, even more since she cared enough to say she knows it’s a Night Fury that bonded with the human.

Another question (gosh at this point I’ll become Hiccup’s lost twin lmao) : do you plan letting us see other nests? Maybe find a peaceful one? It would be great to see what the Vikings (or at the very least Hiccup and his friends) could achieves through peaceful interactions with a more thoughtful queen that may care about her subjects and would be potentially up for creating an alliance.
Just that, in fact, got me asking myself if some nest may be like grouping together, if there’s gossips and rumors circulating around from nest to nest as well as how each queen hides her nest from the humans.

I know, the red death is a b**ch, but could she possibly ever consider making, not “friends” with Hiccup, but agree to something that could be beneficial to the both of them?

Okay enough questions I think I’m worst then Hiccup lol.

I’ll be looking at how this whole mess goes on, you deserved me favouriting this since chapter 1, this story is awesome!
4/10/2019 c12 2ArthurShade
4/10/2019 c12 KiaStingerGTS
Yay! :3
4/10/2019 c11 6Solarwave
One question what if my dragon oc is a diamond fury it's a different kind of night Fury would it be in the sequel?
4/10/2019 c12 Arraia
Perfect and update soon please
4/10/2019 c11 RandomFan
Could there be a changewing unable to control her scale changes who was cast out by her own tribe for her random changes in coloration, whose scales have since then always been a dark green that represents guilt with some black showing her anger at being abandoned? Her name could be Quilla, meaning “Broken” in an ancient language. Her scales are also kind of metallic, so she has this rather odd luster in sunlight. Her acid doesn’t work quite right either, so she has to rely on only her claws, teeth, wings, tail, and horns to survive. She has to eat blood vein eel each day to keep her acid under control. If she doesn’t do this, she will end up firing acid everywhere in accident instead of being unable to use it at all. If Quilla eats dragon nip, a chemical in it will cause the same effect that blood vein eel has on normal dragons. She is just a hatchling (one century for her is a hatchling due to her strange genetics), so she cannot easily fly. She was saved by a zippleback, so she trusts them most. Her eyes are a bright red and her horns and claws are black. She is somewhat fierce in her overprotective behavior towards those she believes that she “owes a favor”, which is mainly zipplebacks in general and blue deadly nadders. She has the mistaken belief that all other changewings are as heartless as her parents, and refuses to acknowledge them because she doesn’t trust herself enough to trust others. She thinks that she won’t get attached enough to be hurt by anyone again if she doesn’t act like she is listening to them, but she is wrong and gets herself hurt again and again. She is alway silent, not rude but just seemingly emotionless all the time. She ignores her instincts and refuses to speak or let her emotions show at any time. She thinks that anyone she shows any sort of fondness for will be killed like her brother was right after she let her affection show. She can be paranoid, and she generally has some of the worst luck- except for when she is hunting her favorite prey, a black bear.
4/7/2019 c11 Guest

and as always
update soon ;)
4/5/2019 c11 RandomFan
I was wondering... Do you think that, someday, I should try writing fanfic? I am not giving up on the fiction I started in a journal, but I have hit a writers block issue and am currently considering doing fanfic until an idea randomly pops into my head. Your fanfiction as well as a few others are like fireworks in a world of pure black- they are all that keep me from giving in to writers block. The fact that you can just write, no panicking, and seem to do it with such little effort is just unbelievable to me. I was always a little timid, so you are one of my idols. Sorry if I am obsessed, but Tempest you have just saved my perseverance. I might have given up had you not made it seem so worth the effort. If I do write fanfic, I might keep it in a journal. I think that fanfiction written by me would be embarrassing because I always end up getting writers block for long periods of time. So, basically you have taught me to be more social. Thank you.
4/5/2019 c11 RandomFan
Ok sorry if I am posting comments too much, but I was thinking about a death song/razorwhip hybrid who does not lure dragons with her voice but instead uses it to cause them to turn away regardless of their species should they hear her voice on the island. A beautiful sunset shade of orange with hues of lavender and pink and red, mostly razorwhip except for voice and amber, as well as the coloration and pattern. Her name is Sunburst, and she is basically a colorful razorwhip with the abilities of a death song- except one is a reverse of the death song’s call. Rather than sing, Sunburst finds it kinder to entrance the dragons with whispered words. “You don’t want to be here.” “Here is not home, home is what you desire, go there.” “You fear this place, you want to leave.” Sunburst will murmur things like this gently, and follows the dragon she does this to because she just wants them to go away, she doesn’t want them to die or suffer. She leaves once she knows that she didn’t just cause a death, that the dragon will survive. She had been caged before by humans who had wanted to sell her scales, and this puzzled her. Scales that had been shed were not useful in her eyes, as they offered not the slightest form of protection. Sunburst does not resent them for this, and has had misunderstandings with some human mothers as she does mistake children running around without an adult for abandoned children. She puzzles them by attempting to raise human children, but she will let them go. If attacked, she just coats the weapon in amber so that they can’t use the blade anymore. She is extremely possessive of her amber, considering it dangerous in the hands of others due to its unique potential of becoming an explosive. However, it’s mesmerizing shade of emerald green causes Vikings to favor her amber over the less iridescent orange amber produced by normal death songs. She is about 12 of her years old, which is 290 human years. It is rather easy to tame Sunburst with riddles, logic puzzles, and any competitive game where she can let out her more fiery/playful side.
4/3/2019 c11 RandomFan
Also I may have posted the apology comment on the wrong fanfic... sorry about that as well. I do not get along with computers.
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