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10/12 c53 MetalKyria
So sad Florence has to struggle with all this emotions,
Good that Sly and Paige had a talk and to know Sly is there for Florence
Thank you for writing this, much appreciated
10/7 c53 66ScorplinginTraining
I'm so glad Sylvester went to Paige about all this. If anyone could understand and be helpful, it would be her. I would've loved more Sly/Paige friendship moments on the show.

And wow! Is Sylvester the GOAT as a husband or what? Its so wonderful to see Florence begin to appreciate and connect with that. He would literally sacrifice anything to keep her safe, make her happy, help her cope, etc. I also somehow missed the connection until you pointed it out here. Of course Sly understands hopelessness and depression. He's been there. Incredible character insight.

Brilliant as always!
10/5 c53 Marie
I hope this is the right decision for them
Thank for the update
10/5 c53 Margaret Gautier
As an author, you appear to be working through a lot of darkness, but I see a light shining with hope.
Glad that Walter is finding his daughter as smart, but just seeing things differently, as her dad finds things different, as a child, and continues as an adult.
10/6 c53 83dS-Tiff
It's sad to think things could have got to this stage for Florence and Sylvester, but it's good to see you have them starting to come out of the worst of it and heading towards more positive times.
10/5 c53 GreenCat8304
Well done! I really enjoyed this. Thank you!
10/5 c53 31tmtcltb
Just amazing, amazing chapter. How Sly found the one thing he could do for Florence that would mean everything.
9/28 c52 Margaret Gautier
I was mot able to get through to the review screen, last night
Yes, Floence is attempting to move through her postpartum depression.
She wants to be intimate with Sly, but the possibility of getting pregnant again, increases her depression.
Glad you wrote the one time chapter letting us know all is well,cwith the Dodd family.
9/23 c52 Franxine bobo
Just glad you are back.
9/23 c52 66ScorplinginTraining
Ouch. This hurt my heart so much to read. I was as anxious as Sly, I swear. They’re finally coming together (I thought the Twitter thing was so cute:-). I also loved Florence blitz cleaning and looking forward to Sly coming home.

Then... Flo has her meltdown. But that’s reality. PPD isn’t a one and done fix for sure. It’s a process. And Sylvester has definitely earned a Medal of Honor for patience! I hope Florence appreciates that when she’s able.
9/23 c52 31tmtcltb
One step forward and two steps back. Still, I think these two are going to make it through this. Thank you for the update!
9/23 c52 83dS-Tiff
You portray Florence's troubles so well, as always - she's going through hell in this story!
9/22 c52 51pamz
Wow, that's some major anxiety. From both characters. I can see that happening though. You've written both of them so well. And if Florence needs to do some more cleaning, she can come clean mine.

Don't worry too much about updated. I just updated one of my WIPs for the 1st in 2 months. And I really don't have any excuses besides my muse being a lazy slug. Still, I'm thrilled to see another update to this story.

PS: Anastasia isn't a Disney movie. It was produced by 20th Century Fox and Don Bluth.
9/22 c52 GreenCat8304
Thanks so much for the chapter!
8/18 c51 Franxine bobo
Yeah that could mean rape bearings and a whole lot of other things I guess we will have to wait
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