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for Taylor Hebert, Medhall Intern

4/29 c1 TheManiacalMadman
Greg acts just like he does on PHO
4/25 c13 Guest
Just because (two) something(s) policies works in short term doesn't mean it won't turn bad long term
4/22 c13 6maartenvervloet
Don't think I've read a Grue (albeit in civs) comes to the rescue of Rune (likewise in civs)
4/17 c13 LordGrimstorm
Great chapter. Really loved that ending, though. Maybe this will help Tammy learn that her preconceptions are wrong, and she can start being a more recent person. Thanks for the update!
4/14 c13 Blaze1992
Nothing like beating a few punks up to start the day.
4/13 c13 46Madrigal-in-training
Love all of the different POVs here from minor bureaucrat with power rushing to her head to Tammi realizing that a black guy saved her. It's delightful how you've interwoven all of the normal everyday interactions of Brockton citizens while acknowledging the underlying systemic and structural problems within the city. Outside of their Cape identities, one of Coil's henchman, a black guy no less, saved one of Empire Eighty-Eight's fighters. It's absurd. It's human. It's a flip of the coin whether it ends in tragedy or not.
4/11 c13 3RedOuroboros
good chapter, thanks :)
4/11 c13 haphazard1
This story is a lot of fun. Taylor changing all kinds of things even without powers, Greg shaping up as an interesting person (and taking down Shadow Stalker LOL), and now Brian at MedHall interacting with Rune. I am very curious to see where you take this next. Thanks for sharing this story.
4/11 c13 1Beeswax2
Brilliant work as always !

I'm always looking for more of this story!
4/8 c13 Guest
Bakuda also maybe
4/10 c13 2Mugen-Muse
Even without powers, Taylor seems to cause a domino effect that changes things up.
4/8 c13 Guest
4/8 c13 Ep
Merci pour la lecture
4/10 c12 SynBen28
I think there might be a consistency error. Greg told Brian that Taylor found a bunch of Coil's moles. To start that doesn't seem like something to be randomly telling strangers about, especially considering it was mentioned that Medhall was having the spies spy on each other rather than just getting rid of them. But beyond that, Taylor and Greg were never told that it was Coil who planted the moles. They were just told that she found a bunch of moles, nothing about who they were working for.
4/10 c13 cameron1812
Like you had Bradley say, with skills we make our own luck, and this event with Brian is just thatpart of Taylor's ripple effects changing the Worm World, lolBig fan, really enjoying this! Thank you!
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