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7/13/2020 c12 3Deus Ex Sub Ubi
I'm really impressed how well you pulled off this match up. Good work!
7/13/2020 c12 KySocceRref
I’m a bit confused by the king sized bed comment. Did all three of them end up with Shinji or just Asuka?
7/12/2020 c12 8Quathis
Good finish, tying things together, and I would laugh at Asuka being Bakugo's mom. The temper on those two. But the to be continued style of ending does make me wonder how much will be shown later. It was a fun read, and thank you for sharing it.
Until next time.
7/12/2020 c11 Quathis
Epic finish with this climax, and it does make me anticipate the epilogue. In true MHA fashion, lots of hero tropes mixed in. Not to mention a well used paraphrase from the first Spider-man film. Culminating in All-Might's biggest gun thrown in to save the world. I was feeling the epicness there, and the emotion. Until next time.
7/8/2020 c10 Quathis
Wow, a universe-related, plausible reason for the twist. Well done. Good use of both worlds and how they operate. Again, you foreshadowing makes me worry. Until next time.
7/7/2020 c9 3Deus Ex Sub Ubi
Plus ultra is right. Wasn't expecting this. Great work!
7/6/2020 c9 KySocceRref
That hurt. I just have missed the prior chapter being posted. Started reading and about threw up.
7/6/2020 c9 8Quathis
Ok, was not expecting that kind of twist. Nice one. Definitely not something I expected to see in Evangelion, but the comic book tropes of MHA would give that a good change. Until next time.
7/5/2020 c8 9batwheelsz350
Very well done, good sir. I really enjoyed this update and all the feelings, especially at the end. Keep up the great work!
7/4/2020 c8 8Quathis
Yeah, that went about as badly as the preview made me think. Another lost loved one, and right after the song that made him feel proud to be her hero. Now I'm really wondering what will be coming next. That preview twisted my gut for a reason different from last chapter's. Until next time.
7/4/2020 c7 Quathis
Very different effect from the mind whammy Angel, getting the two of them to understand eachother and their respecive pains. I will say that seeing the preview made me very worried for which lessons Rei learned from Shinji, and the pain sheay cause him. Until next time.
7/2/2020 c6 Quathis
Getting the number 2 in there, though with a much better personality and relationship than usual. Shinji's relationship issues aside, I am amazed that no one has let slip about Shinji's secret, if just to rub in her face her inadequacies. Different kinds of petty, I guess. Until next time.
6/23/2020 c5 Quathis
So we get to see how things are different here with the mix of more Heroes into the already crazy world of Evangelion. Looks good, and I'm still wondering how Asuka didn't find out about that secret identity that Shinji pretty much tossed when he changed back in front of most of NERV. Unless I misunderstood how widespread that was. Until next time.
6/21/2020 c5 Funny-Little-Cute White Fox
Hope you write soon
4/24/2020 c4 1GuardEzio
I bet Shinji regrets naming a move after Misato now xD
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