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for That's Not How The Story Goes

10/5 c5 Duncan
ahhhh i wanna know what happens nextttt
7/15 c5 SkiGirl121
Update soon. I love this story. Its so hard to find a good Dunclet story. Please updat.
8/2/2019 c4 VioletPotter
Me; Violet and Duncan are dating
Quigley; Not on my watch *kisses Violet* ha! *sees Fiona* violet why did you kiss me!
Duncan; WhAt!
Violet; ermm... *looks at me* Dora, (my name) help me out
Isadora; my shippppppp nooooooo
Sunny; Finally, some good quality entertainment
Me; Ok *goes set up kissing booth* Duncan in the first one Izzie in the second and Quigley in the third, now!
Quagmires; *nod*
Me; Violet I’m the first, Klaus in the second and Fiona in the third, Sunny exit the room. Now when I count to three close the door and do what you like.
Five hours later:
Me; Problems resolved my work here is done *phone rings*
Ginny; My boyfriend might be dating my best friends boyfriend aka my brother.
Me; *flys away on broom*
8/2/2019 c1 VioletPotter
It’s AdMiNiStRaTiVe ASsIsTaNt, get it RIGHT! Lol jk great story
Much Love
4/25/2019 c5 8Nancymer172
This is a really amazing story love it

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