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6/6 c55 Cha0s4ever
This story is a page turner, so great to see n awesome fic of a great game that is criminally underrated and not well known. Hope efforts like this enlarge the fandom and maybe someday we will get a sequel or a remake. That being said this is one of the best stories I've read.
6/1 c37 RealCoolDude
I'm not crying, you are! pssh, as if I'd get more invested in a side story over such a nobody then the main plot...ToT
5/25 c28 RealCoolDude
oooooh, can this chapter be topped, I am excited to see. the dark rift was my favorite section, a spooky maze that was built up so strongly. the buildup wasn't as clear here, but oooh, that Lawrence perspective added even more *quiet* to the mind as they traveled. finas madness added that fear, and so much side character time and redemption! I love it! also the most f bombs in one chapter yet too. 3 times? bold for a T rating. eh, everything about this story is pretty bold. why I like it.
5/22 c55 11Solitary Confinement
I was going to post a dang thesis about how much I like this story, but saner minds prevailed

This is very, very good writing. I know you will complete it, so I'll be waiting for the finale
5/21 c7 RealCoolDude

side note, I just beat SoA the first time recently and what a shock of delight to see this is what was waiting in the fanfic net afterwards!
5/10 c55 13shadows59
Now this is how you do a call for aid. I can't wait to see who answers. And as for the chapter, I think that you've perfectly captured the shock and horror that the world's feeling after the fall of Valua. From the people who are just trying to keep their heads down and survive to those that can't and are just running. And the reaction is all the stronger in the characters that you've been building up for so long from Enrique's desperation that they do something to Vyse's being lost for the first time in the story. How do you take on an Empire with just one ship? Especially an empire that's willing to do anything for power.
And then to have his girls be the inspiration that he needed to do the impossible like they always are. We're definitely in the end game now and I can't wait to see how it plays out.
4/24 c54 shadows59
Even after all she's done and helped do, I feel so sorry for Belleza. She was lied to, used and thrown away without a thought. I can't blame her for what she was thinking at the end, and I know that she only changed her mind for revenge, but I hope she can find something inspiring in the Blue Rogues, too. Something that might let her follow a man who has earned it just by being merciful when he had no reason to be. Anyone would have understood Enrique just leaving her, or finishing her off when he had a chance. Only a man who is worth the throne would have spared her. I can't imagine how the world recovers after the last two chapters, but I can't wait to read it.

And once again, the way you've written this has left me green with envy. You gave a villain the heart that the game never bothered with, even if you did just grind it to dust. I'm not sure how Belleza can be redeemed for this, but I hope that you find a way.
4/10 c53 AzureTemplar3535
Two great and emotional scenes
4/9 c53 shadows59
Poor Enrique, he tried so hard but there wasn't any way that his mother would listen. Not now, not after she's been so far down this path. And that ending...
It truly is the darkest day for Arcadia.
3/27 c52 AzureTemplar3535
3/27 c52 shadows59
Damn. Just damn. I wish that this whole chapter was a movie, because it would put anything out there now to shame. And its more than lived up to the title Bad Moon Rising. I wonder if the Empress got a chance to realize just how far she's been left behind before the end. I hope that she did. And that she took it as well as Vigoro.

But killing Enrique off screen like that? Maybe its for the best. I don't know what you could have shown of his final moments that would have been as good as the sheer dread that Vyse felt. And the hope of his people died with them. There is a poetry in that.

Congratulations, my friend. You have shown the rise of an Empire and their new super weapon far better than George Lucas ever dreamed. This is a chapter you should be proud of.
3/18 c51 4Lord Darkrai
Now that’s what I’m talking about! Can’t wait to see where the story goes from here, just please don’t kill off the main cast again, the one time was enough
3/8 c51 13shadows59
his chapter was such a roller coaster. Aika has finally set aside her doubts and grown into the woman she was always meant to be, and she did it in front of the people who never imagined that it was possible for someone like her, and Fina has started her journey to become herself for the first time. And you still kept the trio's relationship at the heart of it all.

This would be amazing enough, but you did it all without a single stumble or wrong moment. So well done.
3/8 c51 AzureTemplar3535
That wad a very emotional heavy chapter and it was great.
3/7 c51 74Martial Arts Master
Come to think of it, in the original game, did all of the Silvites retreat to their immortal civilization, or did some of them stay behind to help the other civilizations like in this fanfic? I actually can't remember right now, unfortunately.
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