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12/7/2021 c14 Guest
Zero effort.
Zero change.
Zero imagination.

One gigantic waste of time.
11/30/2021 c14 David Torres1
I love how you make Naruto more serious without he even noticing it
11/29/2021 c14 silverking77
great to have you back. totally support not going the harem route.
11/28/2021 c3 6Inv0ke
He isn't the god dman fucking nine tails and the fact that his teacher is letting him belive it is fucking disgusting
11/28/2021 c2 Inv0ke
How does him having birthmarks make him not human they are not actually whiskers they are birth marks...
11/27/2021 c14 1Masteria
I am loving this story so far! I look forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work.
11/25/2021 c14 el conejo
lo siento por decir esto...pero la historia deberia ser harem... digo la verdad si es un niño naruto, pero ya a matado y tiene mas experiencia en la vida, sin olvidar que es líder de clan.
además seria un gran desperdician perder todo el trama y romance, con raphtalia con naruto y posible hinata se desarrollaría mejor la historia.

y lamento decir esto también pero naruto ya pensaba en el romance cuando era niño, ya sea con sakura o otras chicas como cuando dijiste que espiaba en las aguas termales, ademas las personas evolucionan su mentalidad por las experiencia...

es lo mismo que decirle a un niño que vivió maltratado y siendo utilizado en una guerra como niño soldado, decirle niño seria un insulto a alguien que vivió en esos términos.

bueno no se si me di a entender?

en estos momentos naruto ya tiene una mente mas madura que la de su grupo de edad y para sumarle esta rapthtalia que tiene 10 años pero maduro mental y físicamente.
11/22/2021 c2 CoG.EMIYA
Can't Iruka casts a henge to him?
11/9/2021 c14 Okami Princess
Oh dear…well from what I remember, back before the end WW2, polygamy was actually legal in Japan, and it wasn’t uncommon for high ranking nobles, especially in the Heian Period, to have either multiple wives or concubines. Aristocratic wives could remain in their fathers' house, and the husband would recognize paternity with the formal presentation of a gift. The forms of Heian courtship, as well as the pitfalls of amorous intrigue, are well represented in the literature of the period, especially The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, The Sarashina Diary, The Pillow Book, and The Tale of Genji.

So since Daimyo are a thing (although it seems like the Emperor and Shogun are not, which is kinda weird), I’m guessing that the Elemental Countries are the equivalent of somewhere between 10th century and middle 19th century Japan, which is from around 900 AD (about 89 years before being halfway through the Heian Period) to 1868 AD (The beginning of the Meiji Period). With the existence of trains, albeit only in one of the Elemental Countries as of the beginning of Naruto (I vaguely recall having heard them becoming more widespread by the time of Boruto, though I haven’t read the manga or watched the anime myself yet), I’m guessing that Naruto is more akin to being based on the Edo Period, possibly even the late Edo Period.

So I imagine that it isn’t exactly unheard of for someone in the high nobility in the Elemental Countries to have multiple wives, or a single wife and multiple concubines. Heck I bet even the Fire Daimyo possibly has multiple concubines in addition to his wife the Lady Shimiji (who I have strong suspicions of being related somehow to the Akimichi clan, which makes sense what with the Akimichi being high nobility with both the Nara and Yamanaka clans formerly being their vassals before Konoha having been founded. Heck both the Uchiha and Hyuuga are both high nobility too, with the Uchiha surprisingly enough being a bit higher on the nobility totem pole then the Hyuuga. I’m guessing that the Uzumaki are probably considered high nobility too given that it seems they formerly ruled over the small island nation of the Land of Whirlpools, which was located off the coast from the Land of Fire. Which would explain why Hinata’s dad would be pretty keen on a marriage between Naruto and Hinata.).

So when it’s revealed that Raphtalia is the rightful Heavenly Empress of Q’ten Lo, I could see the Hokage (be it Sarutobi or Tsunade) being keen to remind Naruto that it’s perfectly legal for high nobility like Naruto (although I imagine it’s not exactly common in high nobility ninja clans due to the risk of potentially lethal infighting, but I think in cases like Hinata and Raphtalia, who are likely to get along like a house on fire, heck I’d love to see the two of them ganging up on Naruto occasionally, infighting would probably be considered unlikely to happen) to have multiple wives. (Although I imagine that it would be preferred that only those of high nobility like Hinata and Raphtalia be his wives, and anyone else be his concubines for the sake of political appearances. I also imagine that Mirella will be relieved that Naruto’s world’s culture permitted multiple wives, at least for high nobility like Naruto, due to the pressure that her world places on the Legendary Heroes to have multiple wives).

In the case of Melty, I imagine for a much bigger country like Melmorac, it would probably be more encouraged by the Hokage for a match between her and a male relative close in age to her of the Fire Daimyo, possibly a grandson.

Although I bet Mirella would try for Naruto at first, at least until the Hokage warns her that the Fire Daimyo probably wouldn’t take Naruto having that kind of power and influence well, and that it would be preferable for a match that would appease the Fire Daimyo. I think Mirella wouldn’t want to make things difficult for Naruto back in his home world, and would realize that her family having blood ties to the ‘royalty’ of Naruto’s home country, especially since it’s generally considered the strongest country of Naruto’s world, would be pretty beneficial. Any daughters would be in line to become the next queen of Melmorac after Melty, and any sons would be in line to become the next Fire Daimyo after her betrothed. Plus if the worst should happen Melty could evacuate to Naruto’s world and be the wife of the future Fire Daimyo, the equivalent of a queen in Naruto’s world. (I imagine once the secrets out the other Daimyo will be quick to arrange for marriages with the royalty and high nobility of Raphtalia’s world, and the royalty and nobility of Raphtalia’s world would be keen to add bloodline limits to their bloodlines too).

As for Hinata, I imagine she and her team are going to be spending time in Raphtalia’s world so she (and by extension her team) can level up so she can age up so there isn’t a physical age gap anymore (and make things much less awkward by the time the wedding happens). Plus it could give Shino a chance to find a nice girl to marry after he finishes aging up. (Kiba in canon ends up with Tamaki the nincat user, although if he gets aged up I doubt that will happen. However I bet at least his sister Hana would love to find a nice dog Demi Human guy to get hitched to. Especially in the hopes that a dog Demi Human would be less likely to get scared off like their father was by their mother Tsume’s personality).
11/1/2021 c14 lou2003us
Awe, I was hoping he'd be with Raphtalia. Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the great work.
10/27/2021 c14 Swordstire
Glad to see you back.
10/27/2021 c13 4NovaNamikaze
Rewrite would not have been bad just a a bit sad.
Hmmm i have read this new chapter you graced us peasants with.
It's great just maybe if possible do a rewrite for this chapter I do not know if it's writen on phone the reason for quite some errors or your just rusty?
Probably just rusty.
If you ever feel like writing for an older story of yours maybe magic Fletcher.
Keep up the good work and maybe put the chapter through gramarly or whatever it was called.

Uhm this was meant for chapter14 but since FF says I already had an review i post on an older chapter.
10/25/2021 c14 invitado
ase tiempo que no veía esta historia, yo ya la había dado por muerta y me alegra que me allá equivocado, la verdad es muy buena la historia y bien desarrollada la aptitud de Naruto no se siente alterada se ve tal cual como seria su personalidad ante tantos cambios que paso, la relacionan del zorro sellado, el ser tachado como ninja traído perdido de rango B, cambiar rotundamente su acepto por no considerarse humano, ver morir a un aliado, se tachado de villano en otro mundo y muchas otras cosas mas.
la aparición de Kabuto me puso nervioso por el simple echo de que implica la presencia de Orochimaru lo cual en ese tiempo ese sannin serpiente si era considerado una gran amenaza (no como es actualmente)
el rumbo que esta dando este Fanfic es bastante entretenida (me alegra que no vallas por la ruta Harem por que la verdad esas historias no me gustan para nada, en especial siendo Naruto de 12 o 13 año, que al menos si se relaciona con Hinata mínimo este bien desarrollada la relación a futuro) que bale la pena en esperar para que sigas creando los demás capítulos el tiempo que haga falta, gracias por entretener y mucha suerte nos leemos asta la próxima.
10/25/2021 c14 6Thespurgin
Figures Naruto wouldn't realize the implications of marriage when he's still mentally 12.
Raphtalia probably understands it a bit better, perhaps purely because of cultural divergences.
10/25/2021 c14 alex.prevett
Thank you for continuing this story. It's great.
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