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for It's just a spark (but it's enough to keep them going)

4/24/2019 c9 14Section8grl
Are they going to kiss soon? I'm waiting for the kiss.
4/23/2019 c1 Gated-Reverb
A bit of constructive criticism;
If you would like to make the story more like realistic of the time and place that they are in, I suggest you look up different American terms for stuff. (Eg. mum would be called mom in the US, and the cinema is usually just called the movies).
4/23/2019 c1 Gated-Reverb
You make up for any grammar mistakes by having a very well made realistic storyline tbh
4/15/2019 c8 Section8grl
If Joyce is hurt, whoever did it is in serious trouble.
4/8/2019 c7 Section8grl
I really love this! And not just the Jopper stuff. The storyline is really interesting.
4/7/2019 c7 14AbyMills
A wonderful story, I love it.
4/1/2019 c6 14Section8grl
I love the cute, awkwardness between them. I also like how you're incorporating stuff from the trailer in your story.
3/25/2019 c5 Section8grl
If Joyce's dream is being with Hopper I'm all for it.
3/16/2019 c4 Section8grl
Glad they're making progress. Curious about what's happening at the mall.
3/9/2019 c3 Section8grl
I always think Joyce's guilt over Bob is going to be an obstacle to Jopper.
3/9/2019 c3 5carrymehome
I think you are spot on in that Joyce would feel more intensely guilty for causing Bob’s death when compounded by the fact that she didn’t really love him the way he loved her.
3/3/2019 c2 14Section8grl
I'm all for Jopper!
3/1/2019 c2 48CalvinHobbesGatsby
I’m liking this

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