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for The Fortune Teller

4/17/2020 c1 83LucyLuna
Interesting. It's cool you've made Poppy and Molly the same age and friends. It's a neat idea. I like how you have them time-appropriate slang and have Poppy fussing with her mini-skirt. Molly's uncomfortableness with the Muggle-world is interesting. I'm sure a bit of that will ease in time because of Arthur's obsession.
The fortune-teller who told her about all her kids was good. I liked how it was kind of cryptic, but very obvious to readers who she was talking about. The very end where she ducks back in to pay and meets the actual fortune-teller, the one who told Poppy she'd have lots of babies, was a fun little switch and brought some cool mystery to this story.

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