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for Professor Arc II: Headmaster Arc

1/26 c88 supremely
Is the troll seriously back? This is insane, this has been going on for so long.

This fanfic troll duo "mr grimjaw" and "i luvgrace420" dont even have any stories worth reading. How can they advertise their stories and trash ones that are clearly superior?

We need to take action, we need to flood their review section!

Down with "mr grimjaw" and "i luvgrace420" !. N
1/26 c88 Guest
Wow u fgt ur sotry js shit, look up my sotries under "i luvgrace420" i got a newbsotry thst is better than thjs shite.h
1/22 c13 Guest
How could Nora not remember what Jaune did to her on the flight back from Miserywood? Too unrealistic fanfiction, 0/10
1/20 c88 OldGlory
Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened.
And so ends a story of a boy became a man, who then became the leader of the biggest shit show that was held together by duck tape, nicotine tar, and lots of bullshit. I've been following this story since all the way back since the start of professor arc and I gotta say, I found comedy, but stayed for ridiculous. And I'm go to continue to stay for all the other stories you write Couer. Keep up the good work.
1/18 c88 2Ken Wise
1/17 c87 ConquererOfDragons
Ilia's not the only thing you forgot. I'm somewhat disappointed that Atlas's investigation of "Ninjas of Love" never yielded any fruit.
1/16 c88 32TheAutorArgentina
The fic I read about Professor Arc was epic. go to bear the fate that we do not know who will stay although I imagine a lot what the end would be with one of the girls. Cinder the Mad Queen. Yang the Sexy Teacher. Blake the Dominant Assistant Principal, Ruby the cute secretary, Neo the terrible domineering teacher. Hahaah I hate to admit it but it was a nice ending for Cardin and Velvet having a family. But I wonder what happened to Pyrrah in the future she got married or worked as a teacher or what? Well I will continue reading other fics that seem interesting to read. You keep writing the others and I will enjoy reading it
1/14 c88 Guest
End of an era.
1/13 c88 1axel100
For the most part, this was a fun read. Yes it did drag in places. Relic has that same problem. And while its admirable to mine the post season 3 RWBY for new ideas, you didn't need to shackle the story to it to much. Heck, I would have been happy if you just kept consistant with your other stories. Saphire could stay. No need to switch to Saffron just because of canon. You've done enough for the RWBY fandom that your signature characters should be maintained. For example, what if some future flashback scene or RWBY novel show Beacon with a different nurse than Kitsune. Would you drop her from your future stories?
1/12 c27 Ork Ork
Ow’ dare dem Umiez! Rejekt da name was ov’ da Wahboyzz!?
1/12 c88 1Elite Hunter 02
Alas! To reach the end of such a grand journey is a shame. I enjoyed it immensely, and look forward to your future works.
1/11 c88 Sendero Blue
Professor Arc was great, because we got to see Jaune grow from boy to man. In this story, he only gets stupider, more pathetic and generally less respected by everyone that matters. He goes from man to clown.

It's like a slice of life story about a clown, but set in an apocalypse. It's jarring. Was this story supposed to be a comedy or not? It reminds me of the weird dance arc in Black Sheep, but without the emotional payoff at the end.

I've read all your stories. This is the first time I've really hated one. I should have stopped earlier, I guess, but I thought that you would pull it into something better like you always do.
1/9 c28 ventrexxinged
rereading this, I forgot how WILD these conclusions were.
1/8 c88 Jetblast
I've been reading this since it first came out, what a nice way to end the tale of Professor Arc.
1/7 c88 3High Calibur X
Amazing story. Definitely my favorite besides Jaune Salem Arc.
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