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for Professor Arc II: Headmaster Arc

9/27 c88 Guest
It brings a tear in my eye. And before retiring, Jaune will of course just for the heck of it choose the next headmaster by drawing from a hat, one random student
9/27 c86 Guest
Jax should be nerfed ngl
9/22 c73 Guest
Ah, Hazel. The SeNsIbLe one
9/18 c63 2Alonestarfish
I don't think any story has given me as many dumb giggles as this.
9/12 c29 1Chucklebot3000
Coeur, I love you man. You're my favorite author on the site, but describing Cinder's gaze as "golden orbs" somewhat forgets the fact that she only has one eye now... Jaune sliced it out. I don't even know if you described her putting in a glass eye, or covering the scar with an eye patch, but I think that some edits may be in order in that regard.
9/5 c31 1VFR6
Can't your publishing company take the lead and offer to collaborate with Rooster Teeth to make that board game? I was just wondering.
8/26 c51 8Bartholemeow
Zwei the winter harvest, beware beware the howling of the storm.
8/20 c21 1Machine of war
Just gonna be really petty and nitpick here, but jinn saying theyre idiots would blow cinders mind, childish possibly would work. But shes spent over a year at this point assuming jaune is a tactical mastermind and basically plotting for every possibility. Unless jinn expected her to misinterpret to somehow fit her worldview
8/16 c40 8CalvinZilla
The "slightly bigger shield" can serve as an anti-gravity parachute. As for the other upgrade, you'll notice that he got it after Pyrrha's death, when he was suicidal.

He's not that great in melee, an Ursa is fairly weak as far as Grimm go.
8/15 c24 4Pen NameG
... something I just noticed. but jaunes family just kinda dropped off the face of the earth. like Im reading this straight after the first one and yeah. they get saved and Nicholas helps at the end fight of the first book then. BOOM absolutely nothing about them is mentioned.
8/14 c12 Pen NameG
oh wow. hey author man major respect for you and your work. seriously I'm re reading this because I love your stuff. but I just noticed that you left in a mistake you said you would correct in this author note in the beginning of chapter 12. the mistake is in chapter 11. the Raven killing mercury and emerald thing. Weiss and winter killed them in professor arc.

just a heads up! love your new stuff too btw
8/4 c1 afiqilman8456
jaune got shirou luck
7/26 c24 Nai Darkor
I wish that Omake to be canon.
7/7 c87 4Jazzatron
(Cause I already have one on the last chapter)

Honestly, all of the issues with this story were pretty much stated by you. The characters leaving Beacon was a problem. I think it worked for when they went to Mistral to get Ozpin. That entire segment was still goofy. With Ozpin's brilliant plant to escape the trap. Saving Sienna and her joining Jaune out of spite towards Adam. Our Heroes once again stumbling into victory. Baiting us with a serious moment in "Yang's death" all of that was really good to me. Not to mention what you did with Jinn. Brilliant that's all I have to say she never got old.

The "Oobelisks" segment of the story was brief but still entertaining. Cinder overthinking her way to joining Jaune and never figuring out the truth. Oscar joining Team RWBY. Kali joining Beacon. Normal Beacon shenanigans. Which is the last time this story really has them.

It's the Atlas part of the story that just... kinda sucks. The best part was the brief glimpses of the shitstorm happening at Beacon and weirdly Oscars inner turmoil. So much of this stories charm is lost to me when some of the best characters are left behind or forgotten. Like Roman, Neo, Port the students in general.

The final gets better, Salem is at her most entertaining out of any story (and I'm including White Sheep and Knight of Salem). Jaune saving the world with his slapdash therapy I think was a great way to tie back into how he started. Team RWBY plus Cinder's infiltration of Salem tower was just awesome. Heck even Tai and Raven's weird rivalry was just so damn funny. The Seige in general was some great comedy unlike Atlas where it was too serious for the tone this story has.

I do think by this point the cast got too big. Since characters who were important to the first story and early on in this one are forgotten. Like Team RVNN, Port, Roman, Oscar, Qrow. They get like one moment to shine but outside of that are just background characters.

Also the final battle vs Hazel just feels boring. Cause he was never built up to be the big bad final threat before the final arc. It's not like the first story where Cinder was built up as a threat and when she attacked the story got serious. This was goofy up until Hazel betrayed Salem. So it felt like too quick of a tone shift and Hazel was boring (He is in the main show but you've turned nothing characters into something special before).

The final chapter was a fun where are they now chapter. To show not much really changed. Which if this was any other story I'd kinda be annoyed but honestly I was so happy to see some wacky Beacon shenanigans again I won't complain.

Overall not as good as the first and too long, but no where close to worst you've written. Heck it's not even close to most dragged out story you've done.
6/10 c58 Cooldude101011
God save the students, Neo will be the one punishing cheaters
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