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for Professor Arc II: Headmaster Arc

1/4 c30 13Blackbird0
Oh My God! Rereading this and I just realised Coral Laroc (porn author) is Coral Arc - and you commented on how Atlas would track down the writer which obviously led back to her! She mentions how her novel was inspired by her brother and then that scene where she tucks Jane's shirt into her trousers and Ironwood glares; I get it! Such a wonderful nugget of humour hidden within the story - you're an amazing author :D
1/4 c88 Blackbird0
This was the best. I laughed so much throughout, it was such a humorous and gripping read! I’m on Roman’s sideI think Jaune’s Semblance is Victoryit always lets him come out in top, even if people have to fool themselves. That can be the only explanation hahaha. I’d love to read a point of view from the average citizen a thousand years down the line about how he’s recovered in history.
12/27/2021 c88 Skorcher007
Lovely end to the professor saga ️
12/23/2021 c7 Ashalim
Oh my God. I just realized that Taiyang's question is literally referring to Raven. Rip Blake
12/20/2021 c64 AnAddictedReader
I think you meant respecting someone doesn't mean letting them walk all over me... unless they're Neo.
12/20/2021 c3 4DaDragon562
I died laughing at the omake, great chapter

Poor deluded sienna. After handling cinder and glynda, you aren't that big a deal
12/14/2021 c80 True Ouroboros
dying of ligma? really?
12/13/2021 c68 True Ouroboros
i wish couer would dm for me
12/13/2021 c67 True Ouroboros
its really nice to read a story without mercury and emerald
12/13/2021 c66 True Ouroboros
funniest chapter since atlas was required to thank jaune for robbing them
12/9/2021 c55 1Cadmus8
damn, Jinn be badass
12/8/2021 c34 Cadmus8
a fucking holy hand-grenade
12/5/2021 c17 Chais
I wouldn’t even complain if that omake were canon for this fic.
11/28/2021 c88 Thrymr
A fun ride with a conclusion, I would have preferred something more conclusive in a way. Less waffling on the pairing or something. In the end though I will be damned if it doesn't have the feel of the ending for a slice of life anime, about a harem protag running a school, so mission accomplished there I suppose.
Part of why I always like slice of life stuff is the usual emphasis on character interaction and silly hijinks, which this story had in spades even with the more serious tone that came later. While a fight is all well and good, a focus on interpersonal relations will always win me over.

Was it a perfect tale? No, of course not, the focus on Salam(which I did enjoy anyways) did detract from the possible focus on the school. This comes as no surprise however since Coeur said as much in his author's notes.
I will say I liked Professor Arc more, if only because the plot seemed to have more happening and a smaller more contained focus.
Overall I will say that in my personal Arc scoreboard Professor/Headmaster Arc falls short of Dadlies Arc, if only by a little bit.
11/19/2021 c88 NineYetis
Great ending.
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