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for Toku no Hero Academia (Discontinued)

4/22 c17 Zukafew119
I have already favorited My Toku to Hīrō Academia and will be the next story/chapter I will review. I will break my rule of reviewing fanfiction stories that are less than 6 chapters long. I have learned reading fanfiction for over 10 years on this site, most stories die before chapter 6. Especially if they are bold and try do major changes from the canon material.
I am sad to see this story not get finished but while it lasted it was Awesome. Toku no Hero Academia will hold a special place heart as one of my top 10 overall MHA fanfictions and with the 9 chapters in depth reviews spending easily 10 hours or more doing them. See you soon in My Toku to Hīrō Academia, keep up the great work Tokusatsu Universe-KHM, till next time!
4/21 c16 Zukafew119
Its ok that its has been a long time since you updated this story due to many important things happening in your life. Doing well in work and collage, along with maintain healthy family relationships and doing your best to stay health is far more important than this story. I am glad you have recovered from COVID and still alive after not hearing anything from you in long time. It sucks that your writing inspiration for this story has potentially ended permanently but I am not surprised at the same time. Fanfiction stories like yours that go far off the normal path and go be awesome more often than not eventually run out of steam long before completing the story. at least this story you were able to write more than 158,000 worlds long. Making it part of the only 747 MHA fanfiction stories out of 25,200 stories to break the 100,000 word barrier.
To be fair I have forgotten this story like 2 years. Whenever you had new chapter after chapter 9 posted either my writing muse did not feel like doing in depth reviews or I was busy doing indepth reviews for other stories and planed on coming back to this story but forgot about it.
I am glad you’re planning not deleting this awesome story, too many other authors have done that. Many interesting fanfiction stories have deleted by authors for reasons they never explained to anyone. The best example of this is Reversed Life written by Rainxoxo, who wrote a Inheritance Cycle story that was over 112 chapters long that covered the 4 book series that in its own way as good as the canon book series or better but was deleted for no apparent reason. 3 other people on this site had reposed it and 1 lucky one had saved it in its entirety on their computer before it was deleted form this site.
4/16 c17 Destructo-Rasengan
I will miss this story!
4/8 c1 erasenpai946
What a pity we don't have professional heroines in the harem
4/6 c1 SaggyBalls
Your assertion that All Might would give his quirk to someone that already has a powerful quirk, is slightly flawed. It's not until he doesn't find anyone else that in other fictions, he regresses to accept Mirio to give him the quirk. The problem is that they are not compatible. Intangibility cannot, I repeat, cannot handle a power quirk. They are diametrically opposed.
As for Izuku, he literally does not need All Might's quirk. He just needs a bit of training and he can easily surpass All Might.
4/6 c16 garf huntsman
i like actually superpower, is this new quirk i going to be similar to it.
4/6 c16 DJNitroOfficial
Sucks that the story is done, it was one of my favorites. Looking forward to the remake!
4/6 c16 bastidaswilliam2005
Well too bad i like the fic just waiting for the rewrite with impatience
4/6 c16 Neo Infinity
I’m disappointed this story is disconnected after so long, at least keep the main three girls and add Melissa and Nejire and more importantly don’t give Deku his canon personally cause it had MANY problems but obviously keep is high intelligence and senses.
4/6 c16 UnsanMusho
That's a real shame since I thought this story was doing just fine but I do look forward to the remake of this fic
4/5 c16 4animecollecter
is the pairing still the same? pm with the answer please.
4/5 c16 Robbeeyy
I can't wait to see what you can do with the remake, I wonder what's it's going to be about, I can't wait for more.
4/5 c16 Batros940
But if the remake has a different power set then why not come back to this later on. Also what mistakes did you make? I thought this was a entertaining story. Oh well hope to see the next story soon.
4/5 c16 1dinocam3
Aww, I kinda liked this fic, but I understand your reason for abandoning it and making a remake. The last few years have been rough, to put it lightly.
4/5 c16 curlyboy01
I’m excited for the remake
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