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3/28 c9 LoneVirgo98
"Mayday! Mayday! This is Hachiman Ferry! The ship is being hijacked and sinking! I repeat! The Hachiman Ferry is being hijacked and sinking! The attackers are women! A possessive, psychotic women! One of the hijackers is named Totsuka Saika! He is- er, she and the others are trying to take the Hachiman Ferry away! We need the 108 Army right now! We can't let them take away the Hachiman! Hachiman Ferry doesn't belong to anyone! I repeat! The Hachiman Ferry doesn't belong to anyone"️️

Lol. But seriously though, the balanced between the girls kinda crumbled when Totsuka appeared being a girl. It is too advantageous for her especially that Hachiman's fondness for her is too much even when he/she was a boy. I actually think that it would have been better for Totsuka to be the guy friend of Hachiman, of course no yaoi.

Totsuka said that Hachiman is a total opposite of what other people think of him, then, Saika would be a possessive-psycho-devil in an angel's appearance. Hmm, maybe there is hope for the she-devil Haruno to be an actual angel!
3/21 c11 deoxeyses
2/9 c11 1EmperorSnorlax
I can't wait for that Haruno part
2/7 c8 3Wally991
Totsuka, how can you stammer in a text message?
12/27/2020 c11 ivananthony.guison
12/27/2020 c11 ivananthony.guison
10/11/2020 c11 Rogers Steven
I need to see the aftermath of OOC Hachiman please.
10/2/2020 c11 Andr Le Ntre
Thanks you for the hard work
I'm really looking forward for more chapters
Please make it a harem ending if you don't mind
9/27/2020 c11 FluttershyWaifu
Really loved this chapter, please update when you can!
9/22/2020 c11 Shiroraven
Okay, as if the plot aint that thick yet, lets wait till Haruno is added on the mix.
9/11/2020 c11 lliakal228322
FGO MY LOVE AND KILL ALL MY FUCKING TIME. Autor, thx. Kaori take my energy!
9/10/2020 c11 Zathol
Don't think of it so badly Hachiman, your about to be visited by a older big sister type who clearly holds you to a higher standard then most. Rejoice and face her head on and don't let her strike fear within you. Fight back!

If big sis becomes to much to handle scream for little sister to save you!
9/9/2020 c11 AiriIchinose
Damn that was a good chapter
8/23/2020 c11 mnorsyafiq92
shuraba survivalist skill acquired!
8/23/2020 c11 HarimaHige
Good chapter but a little slow progress. I guess this is due to the big harem cast
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