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3/6/2020 c4 152TheDrunkenWerewolf
Oh this is very very intriguing! Can't wait to see where this goes :) I like Lydia she seems very logical and I bet there's a good reason she came through the portal. At least she met Hanataro at the other end and he's one of the nice shinigami.

I'm wondering how the portals even work. Lydias thoughts make me think of science but magic may also be an option.

And the line about the one way ticket at the end! That line inspires a lot of horror if you think about it for too long. Great chapter.
2/7/2020 c3 TheDrunkenWerewolf
I appreciate the sarcasm of the teacher at the start. (its the highest form of wit, you know :))
Oh dear, everybody bickering bout what happened... Uryuu mde me laugh a bit lol and Tatsuki facepalming just so done with all of them XD

Oh so the orange blob has appeared nice. ahaha, I get the feeling the teacher is very bitter with her lines about what she was like at school - its something along the lines of "back in my day..."

Okay she is very bitter and *growls at teacher for mocking Orihime*

nice chapter
2/2/2020 c8 Bengest15
This story is amazing! o_o)
I immediately visit your FFn account seconds after I finished reading chapter 5 on Ao3. I simply cannot wait to read chapter 6. XD
For some reason, when I read the manga, I tend to forget Ichigo and most of his friends are still teenagers from time to time. But your writing make sure it never leave my mind now, and that made this story (and the memory of reading Bleach manga) a fun and bittersweet experience at the same time.
Not to mention this story have many beautiful scenes and hilarious moments. I especially adore the part where Orihime told Misato the Thanksgiving Peacock Race, when Tatsuki confront Orihime, and Lydia’s backstory in chapter 6.

Anyway, I always have huge respect for writers who can combine fantasy and sci-fi into one story.
Thanks for writing this work~
1/8/2020 c3 296Spunky0ne
Now, this is why I hardly ever do oneshots or short stories. I don't have your talent for finding the extraordinary moments amongst the ordinary ones and holding a light to them the way you do. This was thoroughly entertaining!
1/8/2020 c2 Spunky0ne
You do a great job of keeping everyone very much in character and building suspense. I wish I'd looked at your work sooner. *kicks self* But, that just means there's more to enjoy. Still, I might run out of stories soon. You...are going to write more, right? *winks*
1/7/2020 c1 Spunky0ne
I love all of your connections to art and music! I often write with a song in my head and the characters' faces and voices in my mind.
10/21/2019 c8 11timewaster123456789
'pick the lock' I'm liking Lydia more and more.
I assume the extra staff is because of how many died in the quincy war or a else a precautionary build up over the jello?
Love the diary bit.
I think Lydia's plot traveling to different worlds has the makings of OF if it hasn't been done too many times she's a great character so far.
10/21/2019 c7 timewaster123456789
huh I thought the bird was dead.
I'm amused by the image of Ichigo trying to get out of playing nursemaid and sweatdropping at his soft-hearted friends.

'How did the guy know who was coughing?' it's hardly a hard deduction, don't be an idiot Ichigo.
Oh cool the whole family's getting into it.
I'm getting excited about this fic.
10/21/2019 c6 timewaster123456789
Hmm I'm very curious now and the guys working the machine don't seem to be as evil as I assumed, at least at first glance.
10/21/2019 c5 timewaster123456789
poor keigo
the shunpo puff was a really nice touch it feels so orihime.
There's no chance of Tatsuki/Orihime is there?
Are the clouds meaningful I feel like I should pay attention.
Ooh I love the tension with the goo Monet indeed.
Oh the robin at the end was brilliant, loved how you wove that through the chapter.
10/19/2019 c4 timewaster123456789
I like how chill she is about being in a new world.
headhopped again.
Ahh now we get to the plot, this is interesting.
10/19/2019 c3 timewaster123456789
wow did this teacher take lessons from Snape? such shade.
...I want whatever Ori's smoking LOL
dropped a 'the' and poor Uryuu.
Whaat the shoelace argument...haha
all-knowers should be 'all-knowing'
:) the teacher defending her age amused me
Snicker at the teacher immaturely mocking Uryuu. that's bad form but Uryuu's annoying
he or she not he or her
Oookay so something's up with the teacher.
amusing chap.
10/16/2019 c2 timewaster123456789
Lol that letter :)
I'm a little lost on post canon what's Nanao's rank here?
Great chap and nice hook Shinji's part in all this intrigues me.
10/9/2019 c1 timewaster123456789
Some basic word choice issues probably and ESL thing.
Love the line about the after image so poetic.
Man the scene setting is phenomenal, wish I could do that.
'odd jello' lol.

Love your style. In general for other people, you should have longer chaps but I like bite-sized personally.

more comments soon.
5/18/2019 c6 16Red Okra
They weren’t his memories, huh? And things are starting to unfold even more; i’m curious about those flashbacks!
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