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for The Godfist of Remnant

6/25 c13 Asumodeus
having an OP OC killing Neo in a single swing... ew.
6/25 c24 psp reader
6/25 c7 Asumodeus
urgh, viewing his memory via grimm bullshit. feels like a really forced way of having her understand him
6/4 c24 thunderknight009
I gotta say, this is the second story I’ve read from you so far and you never disappoint. You have been helping me greatly with these fics. I’m currently going through some tough things but these stories help distract and even inspire me to keep fighting like I always have been. I look forward to reading your next story. I will be following you from now on as well. Thank you SS and continue to be great!
5/9 c2 Guest
Jaunes being a lil too melodramatic there

He’s experienced too little to be that jaded and eccentric

And also suuuper chuni

Aaalso taiyang totally fights barehanded

Mano a grimm-o

Since we never see the guy pick up a weapon before

You could argue yang also fights barehanded since her weapons don’t cover her fist

It’s more of a force multiplier something to add to her punches and a ranged option

I’m kinda sad Jaune didn’t buy a weapon for long range

Like what yang has purely for ranged fighting

Also to conserve his strength

Like throwing knives or just a simple super shot gun (Doom)

I’m pretty sure Kenshiro used guns and weapons when he has them like the nunchucks and shotgun if available

I don’t see him neglecting Jaune some weapon training

Ya gotta know the ins and out of combat which include a wiiide array of weapons (more so in fucking RWBY with all the mecha shift weapons) for kenshiros style to work after all
5/9 c2 Guest

Why you no kill every Grimm you come across?

Their the reason humans are confined to small add kingdoms

They freaking live for human death cuz Salem deemed it!

They are walking, flying, slithering and chittering bio weapons!

spawned by magic cuz the god of darkness is a dick and Salem wants humanity to die while making her ex husband suffer

Did he take all of Kenshiros philosophy literally?

Cuz kenshiros way made freakin sense since he was living in a mad max world! With little to no order besides Darwinism!

He was just trying to live day by day while assholes where a plenty roamed

That don’t work with the monster infested world of remnant

Cuz remnant still has stability and order

And that order is kill fucking Grimm so the kingdoms down drown and try to keep unity

It’s kinda weird how they don’t make dust nukes(I say nuke for the size no radiation just the explosiveness of dust)

Like can’t they make a ice dust bombs and kill Grimm by the millions to clear out land?

They would just need the man power and materials to thaw the ice and make fortresses as a forward bases to progress and actually claim the land
5/8 c24 Guest
And with an overwhelming sense of meh, the Vytal Festival ends about how I expected it to. Not even a girl power moment, but a tale (cliche, really) as old as time: tremendous ass pull for Weiss to suddenly at least match his abilities and Jaune's unwillingness to use some of those magic martial arts to bypass the summons and clip her once.

Doesn't even have to hurt her. But instead a really boring, extremely cliched anime moment where of course the character who, in universe, is regarded as massively fucking OP is beaten basically because his opponent is the woman he loves.

The worst part is you could have displayed Weiss' competence without undermining the OP character you've brought in here. And a TKO for Jaune is definitely undermining the character.

Just seems out of place.
5/9 c24 TheLoneSpartan117
more please
5/8 c24 Mr. Left
I enjoyed your story very much. How come you removed a chapter?
5/8 c24 2Fate-RWBY ODST
I finished up to this chapter, and I must say, Lily did the payback Jaune gave her, but she is lucky he was strong enough to still have mercy and care for life. Or it could have been the fate that she foresaw of Jaune and he could have killed her. Unfortunate that Neo and Roman are dead, but they still live on in other worlds/stories.
5/8 c24 1SentinalSlice
It’s been fun. Best of luck in your other ventures.
5/8 c13 2Fate-RWBY ODST
I may be pissed at Roman and Neo’s death, but if word came to Jaune somehow, I am sure he would be quite pissed at Lily to quite some degrees.
5/8 c24 royalburrito999
meh, feels like the story was setting up something more than this, with the exposition about salem being brother dark, and beings like asura or even the hinting of the future given by the relic of knowledge. like a "that's it?" feeling.
5/8 c24 Shashenka
Thank you for an absolutely wonderful story! I adored it and it was an absolute blast to read!
5/8 c24 Greer123
Thank you for the new chapter of this story. Hope you are doing well.
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