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1/2/2020 c13 25lindir's gaze
I liked Tauriel using the stars to navigate. I never thought about it this way, but I guess her and Kíli meeting was a sort of loss of innocence/drastic change for both of them.
I hope Legolas gets over himself soon.
1/1/2020 c12 lindir's gaze
Kíli thinking “ Maybe it would've been better for him to have died a good Dwarf“ broke my heart :(
And I always hate that confrontation between Thorin and Bilbo, god dammit.
Also, fuck Thranduil.
11/24/2019 c11 rangerpotato
uh oh...
Bilbo is in TROUBLE!
11/23/2019 c11 lindir's gaze
I liked the little memory with Dís, and how Fili is looking for her advice. I didn’t even think about how she would react to Kili, and now I’m interested to see that.
Also holy fuck, that ending...I’m scared.
11/7/2019 c10 lindir's gaze
Ahah I hope you had fun at your Halloween thing! My school also has a club like that.
As for the POV stuff, I think it would be better if you stuck to one person per scene just to make it more consistent, but ultimately it’s up to you!
I find it sweet that Fili and Thorin both think Kili looks up to the other (although technically they are both looking up at him now haha)
Also :( for what Glóin was saying. It sucks that not everyone has accepted him how he is.
I like Kili and Tauriel’s awkward flirting. I think their relationship works better when they take it slower.
I’m interested to see what Thranduil is planning to do with Kili... I don’t think he’d have a good time away from his family.
10/4/2019 c1 6Nenithiel
Yay! I missed this story! Glad you brought it back. I know you were so disappointed when it was originally taken down outside your control. I was afraid it had been so again.
9/21/2019 c9 25lindir's gaze
Well, now that you made us go through that awful scene in Kili’s dream, maybe it won’t happen for real...
I’m also impressed you were able to find the Black Speech captions, I could never get my hands on those.
4/30/2019 c8 syeern
Nice to see this story again. I had dearly hoped you would complete this. I look forward to see how you combine your ideas together. I hope Kili gets to face off with Bolg and reveal who he is. I would love to see Bolg realize that by shooting Kili, he essentially wound up sealing his own fate.
I also hope Kili gets a front row seat to Azog fighting Thorin. I always felt Azog looked like a declawed cat trying to find purchase on a curtain as that ice was flipping over. I think Kili would find that quite amusing. Plus Thorin having backup and living is always good.
4/29/2019 c8 lindir's gaze
Good lord I was about to throw my phone away when Thorin caught them kissing... but I’m glad he knows it’s Kíli now. It was also interesting to see Kíli confront Thorin about leaving him behind, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do that conversation before.
And I’m glad they made up ;-;
4/22/2019 c7 12readergirl4985
I was so happy to see this reposted! I loved this story and was sad when I couldn’t relocate it! I look forward to more!
4/5/2019 c7 25lindir's gaze
I really like the dark political angle but I’m also a fan of Kíli & Tauriel adventuring around together. *slides a 20 across the table* whatever you do just don’t kill Thorin. Please.
But anyway, it’s cute that Kíli got Tauriel a new bow.
3/14/2019 c5 20Midwinter's-Night-Dream-86
That, that was wild. Oh poor Kíli! All his worst nightmares are coming through into the daylight!

The thought occured to me, though, that Lord Elrond, being a healer and all, might know how to help Kíli, but then again, I don't know how this soul magic works or what plans you have, so maybe not.
3/12/2019 c5 25lindir's gaze
Ha, I like the parallel of Bilbo shooing them away to his first conversation with Gandalf.
And that Frerin reference...oof
3/11/2019 c4 lindir's gaze
Oh yeah, I forgot Tauriel has kind of her own baggage with her using forbidden magic. I wonder how that’s going to affect her relationship with the Mirkwood folk.
In terms of constructive criticism, I have a very small thing which is that I think you switched POVs from Tauriel to Legolas in that first scene, but that’s an easy fix.
Great chapter as always!
3/9/2019 c3 lindir's gaze
I’m glad Fili was able to pull his brother out of his funk. It’s nice to know they still have a good relationship.
And now Legolas is here! Hm...
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