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for Where the Flowers Bloom

22h c7 Guest
My favorite scene was Kaname comforting Kohau. I did NOT see that coming from him.

I’d love to read his point of view regarding Koharu.
6/7 c7 Yoyon586
I'd definitely prefer a Takuma x oc pairing tbh
And also this was a great chapter!
5/8 c7 NightlyRowenTree
This is awesome thank you for the chapters
5/1 c5 yochan123
besides vampire blood tastes wayyyyy better than human blood anyways, and she still remembers too much of her time as a human :)
5/1 c7 yochan123
hahaha is that kaname joking right there? XD It would be neat if they ended up together, and Aido can fanboy after her hehe

I love your story _
5/1 c1 yochan123
wow what a fantastic start, so amazing
4/26 c7 Guest
Kaname and Koharu forever!
4/26 c7 Nikki
Awesome chapter!
4/26 c7 Guest
I am loving this story!
4/5 c7 Guest
love it

love it

please update soon
3/27 c7 4InfiniteStarz
I think Takuma/OC is good so far. Kaname's and Koharu's interaction really do feel like they are family, so I think they are best as cousins. It will be more interesting since Kaname loves Yuki in romantic way, then Kaname loves Koharu in familial way. I want to see what kind of change Koharu can bring to the love triangle with Yuki, Zero, and Kaname.
3/27 c7 Guest
Hahaha def Aidos fangirling is my fav point! I cant wait to ser more and i kinda ship koharu x takuma
3/24 c7 1EverChangingUserName
I love the dialogue between Kaname and Koharu! I’m eager to read more and see where this story goes.
3/22 c7 James Birdsong
Good chapter. I have no favorite part.
3/19 c7 Guest
By the way I have a slight preference for Kaname/Koharu/Takuma, you make the three of them feel natural together
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